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What Our Customers Are Saying!

And if I can make a further shout out, of course we appreciate all that you do for us whenever there is an issue but we have also had a great experience with the techs y'all send out to work on the machines. Brad in particular, and I know he's moved up in the ranks, but his our experience with all of them, but him in particular was a huge part of why we wanted to stay with Function4. Don't get me wrong, Jeff and Bill have been great to and I include them in that decision as well, but I know Brad has gone above and beyond for us a couple times, even in just making himself available and following up. It speaks to a good company/department when we have a good experience with all the techs. My experience in other areas has always been secretly hoping for someone and not someone else. Never had that issue with y'all. So, just felt that should be mentioned. Whoever is in charge of your tech fleet… Great job.

(Regarding Brad Morris – Project Manager)

Ryan Janise
Frassati Catholic High School

As a first time CFO of a mid size Oil and Gas Manufacturer, developing a Managed IT solution was integral to the success of our organization. Function 4 was the perfect partner to help us achieve that end.

From ownership to sales associates, their team is focused on top notch customer service and quality solution delivery. Response times are always expedient.

We had an issue with printer toner at one point where the sale associate drove across town to ensure we had no down time. As we live in Houston, that drive is comparable to driving across some states in the Northeast.

If you are searching for a great IT solution provider, look no future. You have found what can essentially serve as your virtual CIO.

Derek Atwood
CFO, Gulf Manufacturing

The entire team at Function4 has been great! Over the many years I have worked with them it has always been very apparent that the customer first focus starts at the top. In every one of my dealings with them they have always looked for ways to benefit our firm both from a manpower efficiency standpoint as well as helping increase our profitability. Function4 is one of the few companies out there that is willing to put the best needs of their customer first, regardless of the impact to them. Integrity like that is hard to find today so if you in the market for it, I suggest you look them up!

Chris Thompson
COO, Doeren Mayhew

We LOVE this machine.  We never heard from the other vendor, even when we had a problem it took days for a response.  I especially love the service we get.  Your repairs guys, sorry I forgot their names because I have not needed service recently, are always so friendly and always answer questions when they come here.  They even let us practice using different functions on the machine, so we know what we are doing, and they never rush us.  There’s been a couple of times when I ran out of supplies and when I call or email asking for help, I always get what I need right away.

Paula Savo
Church Receptionist, St. Laurence Church

David did an excellent job, both in repair and providing me with suggestions for quick fixes should I have issues in future. Prompt response to my request. He explained everything in such a fashion, I felt comfortable with when he left. GREAT JOB DAVID!

David is excellent and we are always thankful for his help and knowledge. David explained the situation and what we should do in future. You are a very good company and we are happy to recommend you to others.

Bradley was excellent in explaining the issues and making sure the device was running correctly before he left.

I just wanted to say “thank you” to Mr. Edgett for being so professional and willing to give information. He kept me up with what he was doing and what he found. He LISTENED to me! Thank you!!

Jeffrey is top notch and very professional. Jeffrey explained everything in detail and very nicely. I like that he is so kind about making sure we understand the machine.

Our IT guy was here and heard and saw how exceptional Bradley was with all of the chaos going on around him and asked me if I was satisfied with our copier company. I said yes, we’ve always had such good customer service, no problem whatsoever with the exception of the confusion regarding moving the copier. Anyway, our IT guy is going to refer a couple of doctor’s office that are his clients to your company!

I no sooner emailed the company and a couple hours later the technician was walking through the front door! I expected it to be at least a day, if not more, since it was not a “pressing” problem.

Jeffrey Guenther is an excellent serviceman. He is very knowledgeable about the products and always knows what the problem is and can make the necessary repairs. Thanks Jeff!

Fast and excellent service!!! Received two e-mails prior to service: (1) to update that I had called for service; and (2) that our technician was on his way. He is ALWAYS excellent.

Technician did a great job walking me through, by phone, what I needed to do to clear the error code on my machine due to electrical outages.

Bradley is an excellent technician, he was so patient with explaining everything to me with all the madness going on around us. (We just moved in Monday and there are repairmen, city workers, etc everywhere doing one job or another that was not completed. If we could choose a regular technician then it would be Bradley!! Thank you for having such an exceptional employee!

Jeffrey Guenther is The Best! He’s a professional, always addresses the issue and is proactive in helping with items we need in the future.

I no sooner emailed the company and a couple hours later the technician was walking through the front door! I expected it to be at least a day, if not more, since it was not a “pressing” problem.