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21 Things Companies Have Said About Esker’s Accounts Receivable Solution

May 13th, 2021 by Graham Smith

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Despite the fact that we live and work in a digital age, accounts receivable (AR) processes at many businesses remain a very manual and antiquated affair. Whether it’s manual invoice creation and delivery, back and forth emails and phone calls to manage deductions, or the sticky notes and spreadsheets for post-sale collections, it all represents money slipping through the cracks in the form of staff inefficiency, high operational costs and poor customer experience.

Fortunately, businesses who are ready to jumpstart their AR operations and embrace digital transformation aren’t out of options. Automating all or parts of the AR lifecycle has proven itself to be an effective strategy for addressing the aforementioned manual challenges and driving greater business growth, profitability and innovation.

Obviously, I could now go on and on about how Esker is a leading provider of cloud-based AR automation solutions and all the benefits that entails. However, in this instance, it only feels right to let our customers do the talking for us.

Here are 21 things companies have said about Esker’s Accounts Receivable solution:

On Increased Speed, Productivity & Time Savings

  1. “Esker’s automated collection tools have been a great benefit to our accounting staff. Now, they’re focusing more on customer engagement rather than manual administrative tasks.” Vice President of Finance | Hillcrest Food Service
  2. “Esker has been a huge benefit to me as an AR manager. Not only is my team far less stressed and overwhelmed, I’m no longer working 11-12-hour days and have more time to focus on larger scale projects that impact the company.” Accounts Receivable Manager | Oneta Company
  3. “We were looking for a one-stop-shop that could enhance our post-sale CRM and accelerate our AR and O2C cycles. We found that with Esker.” Controller | ProScreening

On Visibility & Reporting

  1. “Before, if I wanted to know what my team was doing on a daily/weekly basis, I’d have to meet with each one of them individually. With Esker, I literally click a button and the data is in front of me. What used to take 12-15 hours a week can now be done in a matter of minutes.” Credit Manager | Temperature Equipment Corporation
  2. “Esker’s AR solution has allowed us to pinpoint and improve where our receivable problems exist. Now, we can better manage what we’re doing and intelligently answer questions about why and where we’re placing our resources.” Corporate Controller | ProLift Industrial Equipment
  3. “The visibility Esker offers not only allows our team to collect faster and more efficiently, it also helps us deduce where the improvement lies and why invoices aren’t getting paid. It’s simply a great fit for our company and does exactly what we need it to do.” Credit Manager | Lubrications Technologies, Inc.

On Automated Invoice Delivery & E-Invoicing Support

  1. “Thanks to Esker, we’ve been able to help our customers move to e-invoicing and better understand the complexities of the administrative field.” Director of Administration and Continuous Improvement | Xylem Water Solutions
  2. “Esker’s intuitive and scalable solution has enabled us to automate the processing of paper invoices while progressively moving to e-invoicing. Esker’s teams are dedicated, professional and have a perfect understanding of our needs.? Project Manager | Nexecur
  3. “Today, we have a complete AR solution capable of sending invoices in all formats — paper, PDF with e-signature, and EDI — to all of our customers, including those in the public sector.” CIO | Eurofeu

On Improved Payment Capabilities

  1. “Esker gives our customers the ability to pay quickly and on time. It’s a great way for us to streamline our processes, while providing our customers a solution that helps maintain compliance. With the efficiency that’s gained, our lean sales team is able to focus on securing new customers.” Vice President of Execution | Remarkable Liquids
  2. “The autopay feature has been really beneficial for our customers, while giving us greater assurance that we’ll receive a payment. The amount of money coming in through esker continues to grow steadily. The solution will be crucial as we continue to grow.” Project Manager | Remarkable Liquids
  3. “What it’s done, particularly the payment option, is given our staff time back in their day to focus on higher value activities. Our AR department used to have to field calls and manually process payments for our customers; now, it’s a much more efficient and self-service process.” Director of Operations & Acquisitions | Toshiba Business Solutions

On the Solution’s Ease-of-Use

  1. “I’d had a lot of exposure to AR systems, so I knew what I wanted and, more importantly, what the team needed. Esker’s AR solution passed the test with flying colors — it’s just so intuitive and easy to use.” Credit Manager | Temperature Equipment Corporation
  2. “What drew us to Esker’s AR product was its ease of use and installation. It sounded too good not to try — and it’s been everything we’d hoped it would be.” CCE–Credit Manager | Crescent Parts & Equipment
  3. “The discipline that esker drives in the accounts receivable process is phenomenal. In my 20-plus years, it’s the best product I’ve ever used based on its simplicity and ease of navigating.” Global Director of Financial Services | Trek Bicycle

On Seamless Implementation

  1. “Esker was perfectly compatible with what we had in place and the implementation couldn’t have been more painless. After just a few weeks of going live, we had customers and team members telling us how slick the solution was.” Director of IT | LinPepCo
  2. “One of the big benefits during implementation was how flexible Esker was. They worked with us to translate the interface into 14 different languages, engaged with our international partners on payment strategies, and even helped us in improving the look and feel of our statements. It was a true partnership.” Global Director of Financial Services | Trek Bicycle
  3. “Esker’s solution is extremely intuitive for day-to-day AR teams. In less than a month, we were off and running — the lack of barriers was greatly appreciated.” CFO | Fireproof Records Center

On Using Esker Beyond AR

  1. “We liked the fact that Esker was the only vendor we looked at that offered a broad range of solutions, not just in the AR space but also with AP and other functionalities. We are in a period of rapid growth and thought esker could grow alongside us in terms of the solutions offered to our company.” Vice President | Potter Electric Signal
  2. “Beyond invoice processing, we would like to use Esker to automate and deliver other business documents from SAP, such as customer reminders or even to manage documents entering SAP.” Administrative & Finance Director | Samsung Electronics France
  3. “We are very pleased with our collaboration with Esker and confident about the future. In fact, we recently deployed Esker’s AR solution in the U.S. and Australia, and hope to eventually move to accounts payable automation as well.” Director of Information Systems | Arkadin

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