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A Closer Look at SaaS Print Management

March 4th, 2021 by Neil Thomas


2020 has been a big year for organizations moving their business processes to software as a service (SaaS).

Recent corporate surveys have indicated that 80% of all businesses were already using at least one SaaS solution. By the start of 2020, close to three-quarters of organizations anticipated a full-scale shift to SaaS solutions. The past year's events and the widespread move to remote work models have only cemented that shift.

There are plenty of advantages to software as a service over traditional solutions. Some of the biggest include:

  • Faster deployment times. Compared to some classic on-premise solutions, SaaS is often easier to roll out enterprise-wide. Large-scale implementations no longer take weeks or even months. With SaaS, they can be finished in a matter of days or just hours.
  • An optimized user experience. The flexibility of SaaS solutions allows for more tailored feature sets and less bloat. IT can often make use of streamlined management dashboards to give end-users the specific functionality they need.
  • Continuous updates. Almost by design, SaaS is continuously improving. Unlike traditional software update mechanisms, SaaS vendors can seamlessly push out bug fixes, security updates, and new features as soon as they're ready.

And, of course, all of these benefits have an impact on an organization's bottom line. How? Because they result in shorter time to benefit, increased versatility, and more sustained productivity.

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What about SaaS for enterprise printing?

SaaS seems like a prominent model for many solutions. CRM software, for instance. But many organizations still tend to think of enterprise printing as a deeply "legacy" type of infrastructure. The assumption is that it doesn't translate well to the software-as-a-service model.

Au contraire. The enterprise print environment stands to gain the most from serverless printing and SaaS print management.

For starters, adopting a SaaS solution like PrinterLogic nets your organization all the benefits of software as a service. That means things like rapid deployment, the ongoing introduction of cutting-edge features, incredible scalability, and lower upfront costs.

PrinterLogic SaaS maximizes those benefits with a cloud-style approach to print management.

Not to be confused with basic cloud printing, cloud print management is a way for IT to oversee and control the entire print environment from anywhere. PrinterLogic centers around a web-based Admin Console that allow for powerful yet user-friendly management of printer objects and print capabilities.

Revolutionizing the traditional print environment

Like the best software as a service, PrinterLogic SaaS integrates seamlessly with existing technologies. It works with any network printer—even legacy models. It deploys right alongside popular VDI solutions like Citrix, VMware, and IGEL, enhancing their native print capabilities. It supports native print drivers for full compatibility. And it boasts some sought-after features:

  • A Chrome OS extension that turns Chromebooks into full-fledged members of the print environment
  • Effortless mobile printing, including an intuitive and convenient Print Release App for Android and iOS devices
  • Native control panel applications for user-friendly secure release printing with all major printer brands
  • Advanced print auditing and reporting capabilities to track printing habits and costs

Above all, PrinterLogic SaaS puts a premium on security. Its cloud print management is built on a direct-IP printing platform that keeps print jobs safely on the LAN. Client devices create one-to-one connections with local printers, so print jobs themselves are not routed through the cloud.

PrinterLogic also supports robust user authentication through popular cloud-based identity providers (IdPs) like Azure AD and Okta. And unlike some SaaS solutions, PrinterLogic doesn't force end-users to wrestle with a VPN.

SaaS print management is the basis for future-proofing

Businesses around the world have embraced software as a service because of its long-term agility and cost-effectiveness.

With the right SaaS print management solution, you give your print environment the functionality and scalability it needs to support the evolving workplace. So be sure not to overlook it during your digital transformation. It's key to ensuring that your enterprise printing keeps pace with the rapid rate of change.

Are you interested in eliminating all of your print servers?

We deliver a highly available Serverless Printing Infrastructure using a centrally managed Direct IP printing platform. If you want to empower end-users with mobile printing, secure release printing, and many advanced features, we'd love to show you how.

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