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Accomplish More with a Document Management System

July 16th, 2018 by Function4

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Fitting more hours into a day is impossible. However, by working smarter, we can almost always fit more tasks into the day's available hours. One of the most effective ways to get more from your day is through technology.

Work Smarter

By leveraging the productivity-enhancing power of the latest solutions, it will seem like you have more hours in the day. Here are some solutions you should look into:

Document Management

A document management system allows an organization to store files in digital formats. Paper filing systems are archaic, costing businesses thousands of dollars each year in supplies, storage space, and wasted time. A typical search for a single file in a paper-based system goes something like this: Who saved the file? Where did they store it? What name did they assign to the file? If I can't locate the required document, is the file in use by another employee? How will I know if the document I eventually find is the latest version?

A document management system eliminates all of the confusion surrounding file storage, retrieval, and version control. During the process of capturing and converting files to digital formats, a document management system extracts metadata and assigns it to each document. Instead of spending hours each day searching for information, users enter a keyword. The document management system locates the file and makes it available in mere seconds.

Workflow Analysis

Are your processes as efficient as they could be? Workflow analysis and process automation services can help your team maximize their time. You'll experience fewer bottlenecks and manual process errors, and you'll lower your costs in the process.

The technology is available to help you make better use of your time. For help understanding the benefits of our Document Management and Workflow Analysis solutions, contact us at Function4 today!

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