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AI Attacks May Be Your Organization's Next IT Security Concern

February 13th, 2019 by Function4

Artificial Intelligence (AI) attack

Mass-scale AI-driven cyberattacks could be headed your way soon. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already effectively deployed as a way to detect malware and combat spam, so it stands to reason that AI will soon be a favored tool for hackers.

With AI potentially gathering information to target those most likely to respond to attacks (and the wealth to make the payoff well worth the attempt), it's critical to begin considering how machine learning could change the IT security landscape in the coming years.

But what can business leaders do to combat such threats? Here's how a managed IT security approach can help protect your organization now and in the future as your security risks continue to evolve.

  1. Address Your Vulnerabilities

    Cyberattacks—both AI and those with a human being driving the strategy—seek out IT security vulnerabilities to accomplish their goals. If security gaps plague your computer and network security systems, your entire organization is at risk. A managed IT security approach monitors your systems 24/7/365, identifying the gaps that could leave your company vulnerable to a cyber attack.

  2. Deploy the Latest Security Solutions

    Running a business may not leave enough time for your team to research and implement the latest security solutions. Managed IT security providers like Function4 make it their business to give your organization access to industry-leading security protections. You and your employees can devote your efforts to grow your business with the assurance that someone else is monitoring your network around the clock.

  3. Stop Email Attacks

    Even with the best training, the sharpest employee could still be taken in by a sophisticated social engineering attack. Function4 provides next-level solutions for blocking more than 99% of attacks before they have a chance to enter your network.

Ready for some peace of mind? Get in touch with us at Function4 for an IT security checkup today.

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