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Do You Need a Mobile Device Management Partner?

October 1st, 2018 by Function4

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Personal mobile device usage is now so prevalent in company work environments that few question the practice. As more and more BYOD employees enter the workplace, Mobile Device Management professionals provide a wide variety of services to protect confidential information. Here are a few benefits to consider.

  • Secure access

    Wide-spread adoption of mobile device usage has changed the way companies look at information security. Mobile Device Management experts use the latest solutions to keep company and personal data separate, ensuring data privacy for all parties.

  • Streamlined employee experiences

    When employees are fully trained and informed of company mobile device policies, they're free to concentrate on performing tasks, eliminating uncertainties about security and streamlining collaboration on critical company documents.

  • Scalability

    The mobile device landscape changes constantly, with new products and software entering the market in bewildering numbers. A Mobile Device Management strategy takes the heat off internal IT teams as MDM experts vet new devices and apps for corporate use.

  • One policy to cover the entire organization

    Mobile Device Management solutions that ensure compliance by every employee are critical to protecting sensitive data, especially outside of the home office. Policies should limit access to information through multi-layer authentication, notify administrators when non-enrolled mobile devices show up on the network, and prevent employees from using public platforms or apps deemed unsafe by company IT policies. By reinforcing compliance with clearly-stated security policies, companies have a better chance of maintaining control of confidential documents and networks when employees access document management systems outside of the office.

As more employees use personal or corporate-owned mobile phones and tablets as their primary work device, a trusted Mobile Device Management provider is a valuable partner in the challenge to protect confidential data. For help assessing the state of your company's mobile device environment, contact us at Function4 today.

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