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Document Management Improves Critical Business Processes

March 4th, 2019 by Function4


No matter what type of business you're in, managing information requires a good portion of your team's time. A robust document management solution can replace ad hoc strategies that take too much time and don't work well in today's information-saturated business environments.

Here's how a document management system can improve everyday business processes to help your business succeed.

Improved Collaboration

Keeping team members connected and up-to-date is a central benefit of the best document management systems. Solutions that capture and convert data to editable and searchable PDF formats allow employees to collaborate on documents in real-time. Role-based permissions ensure that only authorized employees can access certain documents, and version controls eliminate the problems caused by outdated data.

Improved Workflows

In traditional paper-based systems, business processes were dependent on manual data entry and physically routing paper documents from one employee and department to the next. Approval processes were slow, and with so many physical touchpoints, oversights and errors were common problems.

Document management replaces manual solutions with process automation. By automating workflows, employees are less likely to overlook their role in the workflow, and scanning eliminates the need for manual data entry processes. Businesses benefit from improved productivity, streamlined approval processes, and faster project completion.

Improved Security

Are your documents and workflows secure? Document management provides a wide variety of security protocols to keep sensitive documents safe from prying eyes.

  • Access controls provide entry for authorized users while keeping those without the correct access privileges from viewing protected documents.
  • Mobile employees can access company document management systems from any location without causing a security event.
  • Backup solutions ensure that documents remain accessible even if a system failure or other event impacts the business.

Function4 provides document management solutions for a wide variety of business requirements. To learn more, contact us today!

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