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Don’t Walk the Plank

October 3rd, 2022 by Cherrie Cole

An adult pirate in a cocked hat and a striped vest plays cards on a wooden table against the background of the Jolly Roger flag.

Don’t be forced to walk the plank with your supplies.

The work phone rings. You answer with the company name. The person on the other side says, “Hi, I am [a made-up name] we service your copier and need you to verify the model.” You state the make of the copier, and suddenly they thank you and hang up. A week later, you receive a box full of low-quality high-priced toner that is not from an approved vendor, and that could even damage your copier or possibly void your warranty. You have been “scammed” by the elusive toner pirate. These scammers prey on even the smallest of companies. Knowing they may get lucky and have customers that may be inexperienced or too busy to think of the repercussions of giving out this sensitive information.

ARRRGGGHHH. If someone is truly servicing your contract, the only thing asked for should be a machine ID that Function4 will provide upon installation.

Think of your serial number as the social security for your copier. Protect it like it is gold (or doubloons).

At Function4, we give you the proper tools to keep your “bounty.”

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