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How Body Temperature Scanning can make your Facility a Safer Environment

October 22nd, 2020 by Josh Chrisman / Kevin Box

US Healthcare data breaches in the past 12 months

When the COVID crises begin early in 2020 and offices started to reopen, many organizations scrambled to put policies and programs to help keep employees and customers safe. If you've recently walked into any public facility, you've probably experienced having to stop and have an employee at the front desk shoot you with a pistol-like temperature gun to make sure you're at a normal temperature. This means paying an employee to stand in your facility's lobby and scan each person coming in and handing them a bracelet that proves the scan has taken place. This is not only costly but also cumbersome and doesn't adhere well to social distancing measures.

So, we've all heard the old saying, "necessity is the mother of all inventions," and in the era of a global pandemic, it's necessary to scan those entering your facility to ensure exposure to the Corona Virus is limited. So, how can this process be automated and more efficient?

OneScreen GoSafe, of Qualcomm-based firm out of San Diego, California, created a small kiosk that can scan for temperature, mask presence and facial recognition all in one device, allowing an employee at the front desk to handout the bracelet and return to other duties reducing their time having to be the gatekeeper. Function4/GoSafe can help your organization implement the GoSafe device. Please go through the above link for more details on our program.

GoSafe allows you to securely scan and prevent people with elevated temperatures or not wearing a mask from entering your offices and public spaces.

What type of organizations could benefit from the GoSafe device? Well, the short answer is everyone can.

The GoSafe device is ideal for schools, government buildings, medical facilities, or any place where people go. So, anywhere there are people present, the OneScreen – GoSafe Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanner can help provide your facility with a safer and more automated option for scanning temperatures upon entry.

Healthcare records compromised over the past 12 months

Everything about using the GoSafe device is easy:

The setup takes just a few minutes. Just take it out of the box, attach to the desired mount, plug it into the electrical outlet, and you're in business. Once turned on, connecting it to Wi-Fi is fast and easy!

Everything is Hands-Free and Voice-Activated. GoSafe also has Voice-Activated live assistance via video for entry help and control.

Configuration is also fast and easy. GoSafe is customizable, allowing you to configure the device to include temperature scanning only or having additional functions such as Mask detection and facial recognition. It will enable you to store facial images into the Hard Drives database that holds up to 30,000 files.

You can also manage multiple GoSafe devices centrally through shared scan data. Real-time email alerts can be set up automatically to select recipients with the results of an individual's scan. There can also be messages, and emergency notifications pushed out to one or all devices.

Integrations are easy as well, with live support from the "Screen Skills Guru." The GoSafe device can support multiple interfaces for automatic doors, security gates, and other access control systems. It also has an API integration with an ID card, fingerprint scanners, and attendance and payroll platforms.

GoSafe type devices have become a necessity in today's new world of work in the CsOVID era and is one piece of hardware and software designed to help most organizations automate entry into buildings and facilities. The fact that it's fast, easy, and gives peace of mind to your employees and customers is a win-win we can all hang our face masks on.

If you would like further information on the GoSafe device, please reach out to Josh Chrisman at 281-276-1123 or via email at

For additional information, visit us at Function4/GoSafe

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