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How Mobile Device Management Solutions Give You More Options

October 22nd, 2018 by Function4

Mobile Device Management

Your employees probably use their personally-owned mobile devices for at least some of their work. They may use them to check email, text co-workers about projects, or put meetings on their calendar. Rather than risk security issues when employees devise workarounds to use their mobile device to access corporate data and collaboration tools, why not go with the trend, give them more options, and adopt a secure mobile device management solution? Here’s why you probably should do just that.

What to Expect from a Mobile Device Management Solution

Mobile device management, or MDM, is a group of solutions that help business managers and IT administrators get more control over employee-owned (BYOD) or corporate-owned (COPE) mobile device usage. By controlling how employees access corporate data, your company can mitigate the risks of a mobile device-enabled security breach.

  1. Control access

    You want your employees to have 24/7 access to document management systems, email, and other collaboration tools, but not at the expense of network security. Mobile device management applications can allow access to company information outside of the office without putting your data at risk.

  2. Establish guidelines

    The whole point of allowing employees to use mobile devices for work is to provide greater flexibility and improve productivity. By establishing which devices can access protected data, your staff can operate freely within the stated MDM guidelines.

  3. Keep out threats

    A mobile device management solution can help protect your data from common threats. MDM strategies can separate personal data from company data for your BYOD employees, providing peace of mind for both parties. Blacklisting certain apps and providing remote wiping protocols for lost or stolen devices are also solutions that can protect your infrastructure from data theft.

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