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Increase Your Peace of Mind with IT Security Services

July 23rd, 2018 by Function4


Owning and operating a business can be all-consuming, with little time left over for distractions; an IT security solution that isn't performing is a distraction you can live without. Allowing someone to manage your system for you may be a perfect solution if you're plagued by IT security vulnerabilities. Here are two IT security solutions that could make your role as a business owner a whole lot easier.

Managed Services

Worrying about the latest security threats can keep you up all night, but you could enlist the services of a Managed IT Services provider instead. With comprehensive, proactive strategies that leave nothing to chance, you'll finally have some peace of mind. From cybersecurity and mobile solutions to cloud-based data backup and recovery, you'll be thoroughly protected from ongoing threats.

IT Security Audit

Knowing where you stand is half the battle, and an IT security audit can help you find out. Here's how IT security experts address the problem.

  1. Unified Threat Management

    Threats are never-ending, and a management approach that addresses intrusions, unauthorized login attempts, and spam is just the beginning. You need a solution that addresses and corrects these and other issues as soon as they arise.

  2. Backup

    The unpredictable nature of disasters means you need to be prepared 24/7/365. A backup solution that's fully redundant and requires no intervention from you is essential.

  3. Mobile Device Management

    A mobile workforce brings new productivity benefits, but it also presents unique security challenges. IT security services that address these vulnerabilities are essential.

  4. IT Security Assessment

    Understanding where your vulnerabilities lie is a crucial component to a comprehensive IT services solution. An IT security assessment can pinpoint problems before they have a chance to impact your infrastructure.

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