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Key Factors to Consider in a DMS (Document Management System)

January 3rd, 2022 by Function4

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To manage a successful business, it is important to keep things well-organized. Though every business has unique organizational needs, how you store, track, and manage internal documents can significantly impact your business's operational efficiency. This is why many savvy business owners rely on document management systems to streamline their business processes.

Also known as a DMS, it is an enterprise-level software system for controlling and organizing documents of your organization. In other words, it makes data storage, processes, access, and workflow seamless, thereby making your office more efficient. There are various options available in the market; it is essential to keep the key factors in mind when looking for a DMS for your business. To make things easier and help you get started, here is a list of elements that we think you might want to keep in consideration to find the best DMS:

Storage Type and Connectivity Level

Cloud storage functions as the central hub that helps you upload files. However, you can find different systems with a separate app or mix browser access, which provides you with numerous ways to access the central hub. However, some DMS have limiters in uploading the files and what files you can upload.

However, we advise you to do some legwork and look for a DMS with a cloud-hosted application that provides you the maximum advantage to upload from anywhere and whatever types of files you want.

Capability to Scan

Look for a document management system that allows you to scan important documents. This feature is useful especially for those businesses that either host or attend numerous events where paper documents are exchanged. Moreover, this is much needed to ensure that the information on these crucial documents is not lost and accessible to your business efficiently. So, when looking for a DMS, it is vital to consider technology that provides scanning functionality.

Integration Capabilities

As the function of a DMS is to organize and streamline daily administrative tasks, you want a DMS that can bring all your documents together into a fully integrated platform. Therefore, it is important to choose a system with the necessary integration capabilities.

A high-end document management system shall work smoothly and seamlessly with the core business processes, including accounting and customer relationship management. Your goal, therefore, should be to avoid using multiple fragmented systems for data entry, all much needed to keep everything consistent throughout the company.

Built-in Editor and Creator Document

This is one of the many features that you should never overlook. The built-in editor and creator document feature empowers you to make revisions and corrections to the document directly without downloading the document and opening them separately in another program and then re-upload it.

Moreover, you can also create and store new documents in the right places. In other words, it spares you from all the hassle and stress of downloading and uploading revised documents again, thereby saving you a lot of time that you can spend elsewhere.

However, you must have proper version control for this feature to function at its best. Read the next point to learn more about it.

Document Version Control

Version control is a crucial feature as it helps you to include a list of all the people who have made changes to the documents. From names to what changes were made and when everything is detailed properly. Moreover, this feature allows you to have a detailed understanding of how a document was used overtime and when the changes were made, thereby ensuring that you never lose vital information in case an error occurs.

Permission Controls

In order to maintain data integrity, you want to make sure that documents are allowed to be changed by only authorized people and not just any random person. Hence, look for a DMS with the ability to manage permissions to ensure that files are not revised unnecessarily, moved or deleted by accident.

For more information about DMS or assistance with finding the best one for your business, reach out to us. We are experts in this domain. Let us help you find the best DMS for your business.

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