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Managed IT Services or an In-House Solution?

June 25th, 2018 by Function4

managed IT services

As a business leader, you're tasked with keeping your company moving forward without going over budget. Today's digital economy makes it more critical than ever to keep pace with technology. If you're struggling to keep up, increasing your IT investment may be essential to your success.

SMBs may be faced with choosing between hiring an internal staff or outsourcing some or all of their IT requirements. There are benefits to both options.

An In-House Approach

The advantages of in-house IT support often have to do with availability. If you're considering on-site support, here's what to expect:

  • Exclusive support. Your internal IT staff can give their full attention to your company.
  • Fast response times. An in-house IT team can address issues the moment they become present. Of course, the size of your team will have an impact on the results.
  • Capital investment. You'll be responsible for the hardware and tools required to keep an IT infrastructure up to date.
  • Employee salaries and benefits. An in-house IT staff means more people on the payroll. You'll also be responsible for the training required to keep skills up-to-date.

A Managed IT Services Approach

SMBs who engage the help of Managed IT Services professionals can expect a wide variety of benefits:

  • The latest skills. Managed IT Services providers stay on top of emerging technologies to give you access to the best in IT innovation.
  • Budget predictability. Outsourcing often saves money over the cost of internal staff. One set, monthly rate eliminates surprises.
  • Access to a variety of services. Managed IT Services providers may offer a fully-managed approach to your company's IT infrastructure. From Network Monitoring and Document Management to Managed Print and Disaster Recovery, an end-to-end solution has its advantages.

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