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Professional IT Security Services - Your Most Affordable Choice

November 12th, 2018 by Function4

Should you keep a technician on staff or outsource to a professional IT security company? For many companies, the latter is the most cost-effective choice. Here's a look at how an IT security company can provide you with 24-hour protection at a cost that's less than an internal solution.

Access to the Latest Knowledge for Less Money

With an in-house IT technician, the cost of ongoing training and re-certification will shift to you. You'll also need to absorb the cost of a temporary employee or emergency service technician when your staff member is away for conferences and classes. Since full-time IT security providers know that the latest training is critical to their success, they make it a priority. When IT management providers invest in training, they're not only investing in their company's future; they're investing in yours.

Around-the-Clock Availability

Your IT technician is only human and appreciates a good night's sleep just like the rest of us. Managed IT security providers can provide around-the-clock protection because they've got a larger staff and provide proactive monitoring that never sleeps. They expect after-hours issues to come up and have technicians ready to respond. And since this 365/24/7 service is a part of the agreement, you won't be stuck paying an employee for emergency overtime.

Access to Best-in-Class Protection

The most dangerous IT security threats now come via email attacks, and your safest course of action is to prevent them from showing up in employee inboxes in the first place. A Managed IT Security provider worthy of the name will provide solutions to block over 99% of incoming spam emails, protecting your systems from viruses, ransomware attacks, phishing scams, spyware, malware, and anything else cybercriminals send your way.

Does your IT security strategy provide enough protection? To find out, get in touch with us at Function4 for an IT security audit today!

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