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Secure Your Documents and Business with Document Management System – DMS

August 18th, 2022 by Function4

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A company's growth entails considerable documentation to keep track of all your spending and earnings along with what projects are being worked on and more. Imagine a growing company with an inefficient file management system that could crash within a few days if the employees didn't know where another colleague placed the documents. With our proven experience of 40 plus years in the industry, we can solve all your document management problems while enhancing the way you work to grow your company. Function4 is not just an IT company but will guide you towards an efficient Document Management System professionally.

Why Do You Need a Document Management System (DMS)?

Documents are made and kept in an effort to have business records in order and for future references. Let’s see why DMS is necessary:

  1. Document Protection

    You do not want your company to go through compliance violations or lose essential documents if they are not secured. Instead of keeping all of your files in cabinets that can easily be accessed and stolen, why not keep them all digitized and securely locked with our Advanced Security protocols?

  2. Document Search

    Saving in an old file naming system on your computers can be difficult, as finding documents in name and location may become problematic. Our DMS assigns metadata to each document based on its content and intent so that when you search, you find the correct document the first time and within seconds.

  3. Version Control Trail

    No more naming convention is required for changes in the document. Each document has a history of all the changes made and by whom. This allows you to quickly go back to the previous version if something doesn’t get approved or doesn’t fall under scope. The easy roll-back option saves a lot of time and effort.

  4. Document Sharing

    Our DMS allows for secure file sharing among colleagues instead of clogging email accounts or sharing via emails. All shared files stay updated, allowing different collaborators to work on the same file.

How Enhanced DMS Makes Searching Easier?

What is the point of a file management system if you can't find an important document when needed? We take this very seriously and therefore have the best solutions in mind for your company. Our tools and technologies help you find documents in an instant, as mentioned below:

  1. Metadata

    All your files will be organized with intelligent meta tags and descriptions, making searches more efficient and enhanced.

  2. Meta Filtering

    The metadata and meta description can help your employees easily search documents, even by typing any word within the document. This intelligent technology saves this information securely and efficiently.

  3. Version Control

    All you need is a single document; even when working with multiple collaborators, a dedicated tab lets you know what changes were made, when and by whom.

  4. Admin Setting

    The DMS allows users to add permissions according to the type of document, which can easily be associated with the metadata, making searching files much easier and simpler.

  5. Tools for Collaboration

    The DMS allows collaboration not just among company employees but can include clients and contractors to work with you based on settings applied beforehand, giving you complete control and peace of mind.

  6. All in the Cloud

    Keeping up with the safety and ease of document access from any trusted system, our cloud-based solutions are easy to learn and access for your employees without rigorous training.

Why Choose Function4 IT Solutions and Document Management System?

  • Proven experience in the IT sector and technology industry
  • With more than 300 reviews and a 4.9-star rating, it tells of our pedigree
  • Our growth has been exponential, with two new locations in the last year

Our Success Story

The entire team at Function4 believes in catering to the customer with full attention and support, building trust for years to come. Our employees and experts help our clients realize their full potential without charging them extra.

How Can Function4 Serve You Better?

  • PMS – with our top-of-the-line Print Management Software, all your printing needs and support are cared for.
  • Document Management – Best technologies employed to keep your documents secured and within easy access to find any document while keeping all versions and changes updated.
  • Cyber Security – With digital documentation comes digital security, so keep your mind at ease as we provide the best security possible for your company.
  • Print Equipment – Why pay thousands of dollars each year for new toners and repair and maintenance when we take care of all that with a fraction of the cost?

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