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Supply Chain Issues: How have the Supply Chain Issues Today Affected Your Business?

March 9th, 2022 by Function4

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Business production is not a one-person show. It takes many people from suppliers to manufacturers, from producers to retailers, and in the end, those that take the product to the desired customer.

This particular chain is essential to take a business forward and work efficiently. But, like all business terminologies, this specific chain has a name too. It is commonly known as a supply chain.

What is a Supply Chain?

If you break it down simply, a supply chain delivers goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. So, all those that take part in this particular action are a part of the supply chain.

The primary goal to create an efficiently flowing supply chain is to meet consumer demands. Hence, the supply chain is overseen by supply chain management, which takes care of finances, materials, and other information during this process.

Some issues can occur despite proper management and an efficient working supply chain. These issues have impacted businesses in various ways throughout the eras. Today, we will discuss how supply chain issues are impacting the business world in the present times.

How are Supply Chain Issues Impacting Businesses Today?

A primary reason for today's supply chain is the global pandemic when lockdowns were implemented, and our day-to-day way of life literally stopped or drastically changed. As a result, the supply chains were halted or seriously hindered.

Lockdowns and several other problems led to the late supply of raw goods and, ultimately, its market availability decreased. If you still are unsure of the ways the global pandemic or other factors in this era impacted businesses, then we will tell you.

Delay in Production or Resource Allocation

The COVID-19 pandemic led to many delays in the production and allocation of resources. This was because, with the lockdowns implemented worldwide, many routes and borders were closed.

This led to raw materials not reaching the place of production on time or the resources or produced goods not reaching the consumer market. The materials were stuck on ships for days, and produced goods were not reaching the consumer market.

Spoilage of Perishable Goods

The shipments of perishable products, when delayed, always lead to spoilage. With products like fruits and milk exported from one place to another, staying in undesirable conditions of ships, trucks, or planes for longer than intended leads to spoilage and reduces the consumer market.

Unmet Consumer Demands

All this ultimately led to the user's demands not being met. This is because customers were using that material at the same pace or even more. As a result, the production equivalent wasn't as great. Hence, this led to a market shortage and the unavailability of many goods worldwide, causing severe impacts.

Threatened Market Competition

If such circumstances impact your company, it can fall behind in the race. Furthermore, with your resources not reaching your audience properly, there are high chances that your competitors may steal your audience. Nobody wants that, right? So how do you overcome this problem?

How can you overcome these problems?

Covid-19 pandemic is only one example of how the normal functioning of the world can face severe turbulence. Hence, companies should always be ready for such circumstances.

Those companies which had a backup plan for unstable situations did not face such impacts. Yet, at the same time, those with no other alternative saw their once normally functioning supply chain impacted.

If you are worried about forming a structured and great operational backup, then don't worry. This is when we come in.

At Funtion4, we help businesses curate a perfect supply chain system by providing them with an efficiently working combination of maintenance, strategies, and equipment. In addition, we will provide you with all the best solutions with our efficient managed IT systems. So you don't have to worry about the technical aspects of your business when you work with us.


The supply chain is a critical component when it comes to efficiency in the workings of a business. Hence, this particular chain is essential because disruption can cause severe downfalls in businesses.

The COVID-19 was a true example of how quickly the world can impact your normal working lifestyle. Hence, it is always essential to have a backup plan.

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