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What Type of Label Printer Is Right For your Organization?

September 25th, 2022 by Jason Andrews

Label printer.

My customers often call me inquiring about label printing, and one of the first questions I typically ask them is: "Will you be using a direct thermal or a thermal transfer printer?" Most inexperienced users have no idea what the difference is between the two, and why should they? Label printing is not always a known commodity. In this article, I will give you some important insights to consider in your search for a label printer.

Direct Thermal Printers

A direct thermal printer uses a printhead to heat special, chemically treated label stock. The print is created when parts of the label stock darken in response to heat. Direct thermal printing is a less expensive way to print labels that are temporary and generally for indoor use.

A couple of key advantages of using direct thermal printing are that it costs much less than thermal transfer printing and doesn’t need ink or ribbon to print. However, the label will fade over time and doesn’t manage outdoor weather particularly well.

Thermal Transfer Printers

In contrast, thermal transfer printers use heat to bond a thin film of wax or resin coating onto a label and can also print direct thermal labels. However, the printhead may wear out faster. So, if you are considering printing both types of labels, a thermal transfer printer may be your best choice.

One important advantage of a thermal transfer printer is that it uses labels that last longer in harsh weather conditions such as rain, heat, or direct sunlight. Users can also print labels in color using assorted color ribbons.

How to Decide?

In the end, searching for the thermal printer that’s right for you is simply a phone call away. If you have questions or need added insight into label printing, please contact your sales representative at Function4. They can help you decide on the right label printer for your situation.

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