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Why Help Desk?

September 19th, 2022 by Marc Marlin

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Why Help Desk? There are a myriad of reasons why businesses operating in today's technology environment should consider implementing an IT Support Help Desk in their organization. These can include faster response times and mitigation of technical issues.

Faster Response and Mitigation of Technical Issues

By having solid and reliable Help Desk software, your Managed Network service provider will be able to greatly increase the speed of connecting with a Qualified IT Technician. Often this can be accomplished in seconds with a direct connect to chat feature, in which the technician can respond to your team members'/employees' needs faster, providing an almost instant solution to most Tier 1 IT issues. (i.e., Password changes, Software updates, upgrades, patches, email support, and more).

This will save large amounts of time and money by keeping your teams focused on what is important, the task they are best qualified to perform. This will keep employees from worrying and stressing about IT issues and poor performance of their equipment. Both morale and efficiency are increased when a Help Desk can be relied upon for quick solutions to IT roadblocks.

Ticket Creation and Tracking

Help Desk Solutions will also provide ticket creation when a user connects with them. This allows not only the Managed Network service provider the ability to track the progression of IT issues, but the user as well. This creates a calmness that is well needed anytime production hindering issues arise. This is done by keeping the user informed of the status of the issue in lieu of feeling left in the dark, so to speak. Looking at the ticket tracking also provides proof of performance. Every issue and the time it took to come to a resolution or escalate the issue to a field technician can be easily tracked if needed.

Remote Worker IT Support

The final reason for "Why Help Desk?" is critical when considering end-user/employee morale and productivity. In today's world, more and more organizations are utilizing Remote Workers. This, as with most things, has many advantages and disadvantages. One of these that is not a concern for companies that institute a Help Desk solution to their Manage Network Services/Cybersecurity solutions is the ability to provide equal and adequate IT support to both in-office team members and remote workers.

With a reliable Help Desk solution software connecting your users to the Help Desk of trained IT Technicians, the end-user experience is the same regardless of location. This allows for swift resolutions to technical issues and the return to maximization of employee time and focus.

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