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Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced Diagnostics Health Case Study


Advanced Diagnostics Health




Houston, TX

The Challenge

AD Health is a rapidly growing health care organization in Houston, Texas. They have several different locations and information is in various areas. Two of their main issues were around managing their contracts and information for invoicing customers. Contracts had become an issue for Advanced Diagnostic Health with its rapid growth. They did not have one place to keep track of their contracts, which caused issues around missing essential dates and automatic renewals in contracts. The other challenge was around invoicing customers. AD health had a very manual process for invoicing their customers. There were several steps and areas that errors were slowing down the billing process.

The F4 Solution

Function4 approached AD Health with a content management solution using M-Files. The first step was to create a central contract storage repository that would give automatic 120, 90, 60 and 30 days notices when contract expiration dates were coming up. Function4 then integrated M-Files with AD Health’s electronic medical records and accounting systems. These conditions allowed one place to store all invoicing information. Function4 also created a secure web portal to allow customers to view their invoices. Function4 also integrated an electronic forms application that gave AD Health the ability to develop their electronic forms for various stages of onboarding patients.

The Results

Function4 built a customized content management system for AD Health using M-Files that was hosted and maintained it in the cloud. This custom configured application gave AD Health a centralized place for all their contracts and made it easy to manage them. Considerable time avoided when searching for contracts while eliminating mistakes related to missing important dates within contracts.

Function4 integrated M-Files, AD Health’s electronic medical records system, and their internal accounting system to allow many AR processes to be automated. It also allowed Function4 to create a portal so that customers could view their invoices. This ability created a much more efficient process that was even more accurate.

With all of AD Health’s customers and invoicing information in one place, it allowed them to take advantage of an electronic forms system. They were able to create many of their insurance forms using that information and an electronic forms application. These enhancements created additional ways to automate a process and allow continued growth of Advanced Diagnostics Health.