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Encourager Church

Encourager Church Case Study

About the Client

Encourager Church is a non-denominational Church that represents 120 Nationalities and actively serves 11 countries around the world. Founded in 1970 and steadily growing since, Encourager recognized the diversity of Houston, and committed itself to developing community as a family.

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The Challenge

Encourager has been a long-time customer of Function4 and has multiple machine placements throughout their facility. As they have grown, so did their need to produce larger amounts of high quality media to reach their congregation. With their office multi-function device and manual paper cutter being overburdened and facing functional limitations on paper weight, paper size, speed, and especially quality, Encourager outsourced to local print shops to meet their needs. While the finished product was usually nice, time frame and logistics troubles were growing, in addition to the monetary cost of outsourcing itself. Adding to this, was the time it took to shop the best deal, and the waste that accompanies buying in bulk. The overall burden of outsourcing had become a hassle and was limiting the creativity of the marketing group.

The Solution

Function4 worked closely with Encourager’s Marketing team to understand not only what was currently being printed, but the ideas on future marketing initiatives. An analysis of in-house printing, as well as outsourced materials was weighed against the costs of a new production device and was presented to Encourager’s Financial team. Encourager was then equipped with a Konica Minolta C1070 printing press, and hydraulic paper cutter. The C1070 allows Encourager to produce previously unattainable paper weights, sizes, and textures, on demand. This provides Encourager with the ability to proof and produce professional quality output immediately and frees up tremendous amounts of time that was previously dedicated to outsourcing. The hydraulic paper cutter eliminates the time-consuming process of manually slicing documents and opened the door to full-bleed output. All Encourager media including booklets, bulletins, and planners are now produced and trimmed at the touch of a button, and outsourcing is a thing of the past.