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Funchess Mills & White

Funchess Mills & White Case Study


Funchess Mills & White





Funchess, Mills, and White (FMC) is an accounting firm based in Beaumont, TX. FMC has been providing quality CPA and Business Consulting in Beaumont since 1977. From basic tax management and accounting services to complex audits, financial statements, cash flow planning, and beyond.

The Challenge

FMC has a 1:1 ratio for printers-to-employee, which meant every employee has a personal printer located in their office. The scenario creates a challenge to have to manage each printer in terms of service and purchasing toner. At the time, FMC’s model was to have its IT department manage service calls for each printer, and the purchasing department would purchase toner via online retail through Quill and Office Depot. This model was both cumbersome and expensive.

Function4 performed a complete analysis by walking through their offices and pulling meters for each device. We then went back and pulled meters again within a 30-day interval, which allowed us to extrapolate that data into an annualized figure. This helped us determine their current cost per copy, average monthly images, and annual volumes that we could compare with what they pay for each toner cartridge through Office Depot and Quill.

The Function4 Solution

Function4 proposed placing each device under our Pages Managed Print Services Program. Function4’s Pages program is a Traditional Managed Print Services Program where a set print allowance is created that each printer can pool from, and any overages are changed and overage billing fee at a per image cost. This program saved FMC approximately 30% or thousands of dollars per year.


The potential savings showed through our analysis helped FMC decide to enter into a 12-month agreement with Function4 to help them manage its printer fleet. The savings also helped streamline its toner ordering through the Function4 client portal and reduced the burden for its IT department to have to manage the printer fleet.