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Houston Harris Division Patrol

Houston Harris Division Patrol Case Study


Houston Harris Division Patrol


Law Enforcement


Houston, TX

The Customer

Since its establishment in 1995, Houston Harris Division Patrol, Inc. (HHDP) has been providing cost-effective, professional and comprehensive security officers across Texas that guarantee to fulfill all customer security requirements and maintain the highest levels of service. This is done by maintaining close working relationships with their customers to ensure delivery of the agreed service requirements. They stand by their motto: “We deliver what we promise”.

The Challenge

The nature of HHDP’s business led to an overflow of paper files in their storage room, causing them to run out of storage space despite a recent office expansion. The prevalence of paper files can be credited to HHDP having to keep employee records for 7 years after they are no longer employed, as well as needing the ability to produce employee records when audited by the state. With upwards of 750 employees, this was a challenge. HHDP was also experiencing an inefficiency in their output devices throughout the office. They had 1 undersized MFP, as well as several inefficient printers and small, all-in-one devices. Additionally, the application process, as well as employee records, were completed manually.

Furthermore, all applications were sorted and checked manually, with no digital record of applications or employee records. HHDP would have to manually input new employee information to several areas, as well as keep track of all registration and certifications expirations manually, which was a time-consuming process. Finally, HHDP had no way to sort potential employees by the area they live in because they have jobs all over the Houston area.

The Function4 Solution

To help HHDP become more efficient, Function4 implement the M-Files Electronic Document Management System. They were set up on a Cloud-based storage and retrieval system, with organized file structure for an enhanced document management system. With a new organized email structure to easily search and receive, and a web-based portal to allow for remote access without a VPN, HHDP is now organized and can digitally file all the necessary information with incredible ease of access.

Function4 also provided a New Multifunctional Konica Minolta Product enhanced with Nuance AutoStore Software. This allowed information to be scanned with metadata, which was added to the document for Electronic Filing search criteria. Information was created in a Searchable OCR format (Optical Character Recognition), which all dramatically reduced time to store and label paper files furthering the ability to find stored content and files.

Finally, HHDP receive new Kyocera Printers and smaller A4 MFP. These devices are much more efficient and cost effective. Additionally, the A4 device solved a check printing problem that plagued HHDP.