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Kingsland Baptist Church

Kingsland Baptist Church Case Study


Kingsland Baptist Church




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Kingsland Baptist Church is located right in the Heart of Katy, Texas (just west of Houston). Funded in 1977, Kingsland has over 6,000 members and an employee staff of 70. Kingsland was using one of the larger print manufacturers as a vendor. Function4 was not the original partner, but after many months of building a relationship and assisting with print analysis and asked Function4 to put together a solution for replacing Kingsland’s print / multifunctional fleet.

The Challenge

Kingsland Baptist Church has a communications department with the immense task of producing all media/marketing for the community.

The communications department’s uncompleted items were outsourced to local print shops, which meant longer wait times and retail prices for anything outside of their scope. If these items contained intense graphical booklets that needed full–bleed, along with other labor-intensive jobs, could not be printed in-house. On top of this, their current fleet was having ongoing issues due to their vendor‘s service procedures that caused continuing downtime and quality issues with their equipment.

The Function4 Solution

To get a full view of Kingsland‘s needs, Function4 did a complete analysis of the current print cost, outsourcing cost, downtime, and labor for print jobs. While these areas were important in determining what vendor would be a better fit, perhaps the most significant factor was Function4‘s service team member “Harold Brown.“ Harold had previously worked with the Director of Communication and brought a level of reassurance that the current vendor could not. Mr. Brown had gained a reputation in the print industry of getting the job done, no matter what.

During our cost analysis, we were able to determine that outsourcing costs were an area that could use significant change. While Kingsland had high–quality graphical equipment, they still needed to outsource specific jobs that could not be performed in the communications department. Outsourcing is expensive and time–consuming. Function4 recommended replacing their current equipment and implementing a new press that would provide high graphical media and add accessories to create full–bleed booklets. This recommendation would bring all marketing material “in-house“ and “in-line.“


Function4 was also able to utilize national CO-OP pricing, specifically for Schools and Non-profit organizations, which decreased their new equipment’s overall lease and service price. Function4 and Kingsland Baptist church eventually moved forward to replace all MFP‘s, Production equipment, Slitter/Cutter/Creaser, and folding unit for the campus. After bringing all marketing in-house, Kingsland Baptist can produce everything at its new press and is not limited to local print shops. Since implementation, Kingsland Baptist has expanded to another campus and added additional equipment to with the recommendation of Function4. Kingsland Baptist has expanded its media efforts with the communications department’s growth and added new members to their community.