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Use our destination scanning software to make sure your documents are stored quickly and accurately. The old saying “garbage in garbage out’ still works today. If you do not have a way to quickly and accurately store documents you are going to end up with system that is hard to information in. We can help you use AI system to index your information, start work flows and file it away.  

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Cost Effective And Time Saving Variable Data Management for Port Of Houston Credit Union

All financial institutions are required to supply monthly and quarterly statements to customers who elect to receive them. This regulation can be a burden to some credit unions who do not have appropriate systems in place to provide personalized documents to their members. Without variable data management in place, printing and providing specific member statements can be an issue that is time-consuming and costly.

Port of Houston Credit Union and USI Federal Credit Union previously worked with a supplier who provided data management services and printed and mailed all of the statements to their members; however, after transitioning to a new software provider both credit unions were referred to an outsourced printing company as a way to produce statements for their members. There was a high cost associated with the company’s production services in addition to limited printing options. Both credit unions were restricted from selecting specific member’s statements to print. Instead, they had to produce each member’s statement, even if some members chose to go paperless and bank online.


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