Streamlining document workflows by digitizing paper files, capturing electronic information from various sources, and routing documents to a central location and additional destinations.

Why intelligent destination scanning?

Eliminate human-errors

Repetitive, complex and error-prone processes can negatively impact accuracy and efficiency inside an organization. Automate document-driven processes to remove time extensive manual data entry and the risk of human-errors from the business workflow process.

Expand file sharing

Improve communication and collaboration within teams and between departments by providing access to company files to the right people in a central document repository. Equip your team with the technology they need to successfully collaborate and do their job.

Ensure compliance

Control and secure the flow of sensitive data in accordance with regulatory compliance standards. Encrypted scans and comprehensive audit trails that showcase document regulations will helps companies avoid costly security breaches and ensures data is handled securely.

Secure mobile access

With your smart device and Function4’s intelligent destination scanning solution, capture data on-the-go — such as documents, barcodes, signatures and photos. With added business mobility, retrieve company files, access forms and securely print from anywhere.

An assortment of choices for additional processing needs

Data capture

Unite paper and electronic files in a single process with data capture from PC and Mac desktops, multi-function devices and more.


Add, modify and remove watermarks in text, image or composite form from your organization’s documents.

Image enhancement

Clean up documents that have flaws — such as hole punches, crooked pages, borders, dust specks and more — to enhance file readability.

PDF optimization

Create text-searchable PDF files, compress PDF documents into smaller files, and even convert files from PDF.

Barcode recognition

Linear and 2D barcode recognition software recognizes barcodes specific to certain documents to route and index information.

Bates stamping

Distinctively identify pages in a set of legal, medical and business files with Bates Numbering in the header or footer of documents.

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