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Providing secure mobile file access, file sharing and collaboration capabilities, and real-time file backup in one comprehensive enterprise solution.

Why file sync and share with backup?

Sync files to all devices

Securely sync files from your Desktop, Documents and shared folders across multiple devices for easy and secure access to content on mobile devices. Whether you are team PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry, we have all of your devices covered.

Secure file sharing

Send and share any size file inside and outside of your organization via secure web links and collaborative folders. Take control of how data is shared with user permissions, password protections, and the unique capability to revoke access to shared content.

Collaborate in real-time

Foster collaboration in your organization with Function4’s file sync and share + backup solution. Say “goodbye” to version control issues! With shared files and folders, teams can co-edit in real-time. With instantaneous collaboration, version control issues are non-existent.

Mobilize file servers

Take file servers on the go with capability retrieve documents stored on servers outside the office via web browsers and on a variety of mobile devices. With the ability to securely work on files outside of the office, workforce productivity is taken to the next level.

A comprehensive solution for file sharing and backup

Admin settings

Back-end control of user storage space utilization, device activation and deactivation, remote device data wipes and more.

Asset management

Oversee how company assets are utilized with audit logs that track when users sync and share both files and folders.

Data backup

Restore lost, corrupted, overwritten and deleted files to previous versions with real-time backup, which updates files any time a change is made.

Business continuity

Reduce downtime during cyber-attacks and major disruptions with cloud-based backup that allows for the easy restoration of files.

File synchronization

Pick and choose which files and folders are synced to and from your devices so that you have access to only what you need.

Cloud security

Data is isolated and protected in SOC 2-audited cloud and complies with HIPAA, GDPR, FINRA and additional industry regulations.

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