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HP Enterprise Level Devices vs. HP Transactional Level Devices

Many IT professionals & purchasing departments do not know that HP has two classes for specific printer models under its printer portfolio. HP manufactures a basic device which HP labels as a “Transactional” device and a more involved model called an “Enterprise” level device. These devices are similar in nature except for two distinct differences: The enterprise level printer has baked in security and has much larger, higher yielding toner cartridges. Below is a side-by-side comparison for the Pros & Cons of each. 

HP Enterprise Level Printers   vs   HP Transactional Level Printers

Enterprise Level Printers

  • Hardware Cost – Higher – Compared to HP Transactional Devices
  • Cost to Print – Low – This is due to higher yielding cartridges designed only for HP Managed devices. The yields are often triple the size of standard cartridges. Higher yielding toner – Jumbo Toner Cartridges
  • Operating System – HP Future Smart 4
  • Interface – HP Future Smart 4 Standard Interface that’s standard across HP’s entire line of managed devices. The screens are 8.0-inch (20.3 cm) pivoting color touchscreen
  • Scanning – 100-sheet ADF with single-pass, two-sided scanning, and HP EveryPage1 (ATM Scanning) – (MFP Only)
  • Security – Sure Start, Runtime Intrusion, Inspection Connector, Security Manager
  • Total Cost of Ownership – Low

Transactional Level Printers

  • Hardware Cost – Lower Cost – Compared to HBP Managed Devices
  • Cost to Print – High Cost – Due to lower yielding toner with higher costs, so the per image cost is higher – Standard toner size with A & X Cartridges.
  • Operating System – Lennox based – No standard Operating system, so interface is different depending on the class.
  • Interface – 4.3 Inch Screen (MFP) Small screens with a 2-line LCD control panel (Printer)
  • Scanning – 50-Sheet Standard Scanning – (MFP Only)
  • Security – Limited Security…These devices must be managed at the device level, i.e. default passwords need to be changed, Unused protocols disabled, and unused ports need to be closed. If an HP transactional device is compromised, the device has no way to solve the issue or remediate the issue.
  • Total Cost of Ownership – High


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