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High Volume Inkjet Printers

Riso Inkjet Printers

Offered in a variety of sizes to fit an array of business needs, Inkjet technology provides high end print speeds while lowering color costs by 75%.

These machines offer all the mainstays of traditional toner MFP's such as copy, scan, and fax along with the more in-depth functions of document manipulation and finished product options that many now find benefit in.

Toner vs Ink

With industry data showing the need for color in both public and private sectors is on the rise, inkjet provides a way for businesses to incorporate color when they need it and pay only a fraction of what it once cost.

Impact of Color Chart

Color has been proven to increase retention rate and understanding by 3 to 4 times that of monochrome. Areas of emphasis can be naturally highlighted, and complex materials more easily communicated and understood.

The colors blue, red, yellow, orange, green, and brown describing the effect each of these colors has on humans

ComColor® GD Series

Designed for Speed, Stability, and High-volume Production Print Jobs
Engineered to empower your business with high volume, reliable, quality output. Transform your printing with the ComColor GD.

The FORCEJET™ Advantage

RISO's high-speed inkjet technology, FORCEJET, consists of wide, color, in-line inkjet print heads arranged in parallel for single-pass printing of black, cyan, magenta, yellow and gray on A3/Ledger short-edge feed paper. Fast printing functionality combined with a rapid and stable paper supply results in a print speed of 160 pages per minute for A4 long-edge feed, in simplex literally the fastest* in the world.

Stabilized Paper Feed

A straight-path feeding system feeds paper horizontally to enable high-speed printing with minimal print offset. FORCEJET technology ensures optimal paper feed speed that is matched to the amount of ink being sprayed from the ink heads.

High-speed Printing Ink

RISO's proprietary FORCEJET™ technology offers heatless imaging resulting in outstanding performance. Minimal moving parts and impeccable engineering can handle the demanding needs of high production environments.


Special quick-drying, oil-based pigment ink developed exclusively for the ComColor GD series prevents reverse-side staining of printed paper as well as cockling, to allow for unprecedented high-speed duplex inkjet printing. The ink is also resistant to degradation from light and water.

Taking Quality to a Higher Level

The ComColor GD series is engineered with features that ensure stable output quality for consistent printing results at high speed, including a Piezo system that regulates ink amount. Black image quality has been improved by installing a newly-developed print head and black ink. Additional inks enrich the look of images and enhance overall color quality.

This unique RISO technology and approach to the printing process brings the added benefits of a low total cost of ownership when compared with toner technology, and greater control over cost management. It also enables practical migration away from simply highlight color or mono production to a cut sheet white paper solution. This provides genuine added value, as it eliminates the need to hold large volumes of pre-printed stock and opens up possibilities for a leap forward in color printing.

ComColor GD Series 9630 Printer ComColor GD Logo

* A4 long-edge feed, simplex, continuous printing in standard density setting, based on office color printers using cut sheet commercially available as of February 2016 (Source: RISO data).