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Wide Format Printers

Why a Wide Format Printer?

Meeting the needs of a world beyond 8.5x11.

Cloud-connected apps

Scan and print from the cloud directly to your wide format printer with cloud applications that allow for content to be easily shared.

Color / black & white

Copy, scan and print documents in color and black and white with wide format solutions that target your specific needs.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Print from any of your devices - phones, tablets, laptops and PCs - without installing drivers and software apps thanks to network connectivity.

Security features

Keep digital information safe with data security features, such as data encryption, automatic software updates and virus scanning apps.

Finishing options

Seamlessly automate document finishing into your workflow with additional features that allow for document folding, stacking and collation.

Multi-touch control

Control your wide-format device from a touchscreen control panel for an easy and intuitive user experience.


Quickly view and print wide-format documents with front loading media rolls for media diversity, and smart switching for print jobs of different types and sizes, and more.


With an integrated wide-format solution that combines print, copy and scan all in one device, scan drawings and field notes to your computer with batch scanning and scan-to-email.


Selection of wide format printers that are fully compatible with current versions of AutoCAD software, allowing for integrated printing with software applications.


Print wide-format graphics, schematics, diagrams, artwork and more onsite for optimal high-volume productivity and cost-efficiency with a wide-format printer.

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