Areas we are able to help:


We are obviously in uncharted waters with the current concerns with COVID-19. Please be safe and ensure the health and safety of all your coworkers, family and loved ones should be the highest priority.

As the reality of what the effect on our businesses sets in, we need to understand how to adapt. Should you want to effectively support your customers and employees in a remote capacity, Function4 would be a highly qualified resource.


Areas we are able to help:

• Unified Communications that include voice, web/video conferencing, file sharing, and mobility of employee extensions
• Rental multifunctional and print/scan equipment that could be delivered to staff working offsite
• Remote management IT infrastructure with 24 hour helpdesk and security support
• Access to information in your databases, files, email and paper files remotely

Our hope is that these resources would be valuable in keeping your organization moving forward.

Please realize that you and your families safety should be the biggest concern.

Incredibly Low-Cost Video and Web Conferencing

Low Cost / Short Term Rental Equipment


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