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Web to Print – The New Standard of Printing

The Internet Age is here and is rapidly taking over the way companies have been conducting business. If you are not on the web, you are not in “the game”. Our Web to Print Solutions provide a flexible e-Commerce solution that offers a smooth print buyer experience. These solutions are designed to efficiently manage current customers and acquire new customers to grow your existing business.

The Web-to-Print solution you choose is as important as the printing equipment that you use. How you sell, service, and support your customers online is as important as the product that comes off the end of your press. In a world where a high level of print quality is assumed, it is critical that you have an online solution for your customers to use.

Communications are rapidly transitioning to digital forms, rather than print. From the amazing success of the iPhone, iPad, and Kindle, to the rapid growth of e-Commerce, advertisers use screens to reach their customers. For print to withstand the onslaught, vendors must wrap their analog products in a digital supply chain and allow their customers to order using a screen to remain viable. A world of opportunity opens up once you take advantage of Web to Print solutions.

Flexible, Scalable and Future-Proof Investment

Flexible, Scalable and Future-Proof InvestmentWith proven scalability, the Web to Press solutions are configured to fit your business today, plus evolve as technology and your business grow. When deciding on a flexible, scalable, future-proof investment, there are a few factors that you need to focus on:

Transactions: Designed to scale in transaction volume from 100s to 1,000,000s of orders per year
Scalable: With customers ranging from small commercial printers and CRD’s (1 location) to retail organizations with nationwide coverage, the architecture can be easily adapted to the scale of your company
Architecture: We can tailor a solution that fits your needs. Whether you are a CRD printing for employees and departments, or a Commercial Printer open to the public, our solution will be tailored to your efforts.

Hosting Options to Fit YOUR Business Needs

Multiple deployment options are available to fit your technical and budgetary needs.

Hosting OptionsCloud

A cloud-based (SaaS) deployment model hosted by us is a compelling option with a convenient pay-as-you-go model. Performance is continuously monitored to keep your site running 24/7, and upgrades/updates will be handled automatically.


A Web to Press solution can also be incorporated into your existing IT architecture, the self-hosted deployment option (on premise) enables you to retain full control of your Web application on your network, behind the firewall


What’s included on our Web to Press solutions?

  • Storefront
  • Workflow
  • Output

The Web to Press Storefront is increasingly the face of modern print and fulfillment businesses.
As the face of your business, it better be attractive and easy for your customers to navigate. The purpose of a Storefront is to automate the submission of orders that provide revenue. That revenue not only keeps your business open but fuels your expansion into new product lines, helps you win more customers and allows you to leverage new market opportunities.

Our Storefront technology enables you to land, retain, and grow relationships with customers of all types and sizes. It also provides dedicated item types and capabilities, tuned to the print and fulfillment business.


Workflow refers to work performed between Order Submission and Job Output. Our Workflow platform ensures that processes are streamlined not only for the individual doing the ordering, but also those in production.

Details are critical to success! At Function 4, we are all about the details so you don’t have to be. Within your print and fulfillment operation, additional indispensable Workflow tools take over. The result is expedited job flow throughout your shop.

Finally, a reporting module creates compelling reports that boast charts, totals, pivot table features and more.


Like any company in the print and fulfillment field, your business is laying ink to paper, putting the finished product in boxes and delivering it on time. However, the stakes are raised as business increases and customer expectations grow.

To meet these greatly heightened stakes and increased expectations, you’ll need to streamline every process from sales to accounting to manufacturing. Doing so calls for a system that can grow right alongside you.

We can help you sell more jobs to more customers, produce work more efficiently and accurately, and serve up greater customer convenience.

The result?

Additional happy customers, and a more profitable company for you. Click below to contact us and get solutions for your business!



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