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Destination Scanning

Advanced Scanning

Use our advanced scanning software to make sure your documents are stored quickly and accurately. The old saying “garbage in garbage out' still works today. If you do not have a way to quickly and accurately store documents you are going to end up with system that is hard to find information in. We can help you use AI system to index your information, start work flows and file it away.

Intelligent Automation

Organizations struggle with new systems, more data, unconventional competitive threats. Organizations can't scale and respond with conventional tools alone. Human and digital workers armed with AI are much more empowered and productive. Customers, constituents & partners are more demanding.

According to Forbes

9 out of 10 executives agreed that automation was critical to future success. More than three-quarters said that 60% or more of process work could be automated, and almost one in five said that 80% or more could be automated.

Why Do Customers Choose Kofax?

Commonly the reasons include some or all of those listed here:

Kofax Competitive Advantage

Kofax Intelligent Automation: Five interoperable capabilities delivered in a flexible and extensible platform.

Why Choose Kofax?

Shorter time-to-value & lower TCO

  • No need to hand-craft multiple cross-product integrations
  • No need for multiple license, support & implementation contracts and procurements

“Adopt and extend” flexibility

  • Customers build intelligent automation capability at a pace that reflects their priorities and digital transformation journey
  • Kofax services enable and support customer success

Enterprise scale

  • Technology built to scale flexibly and reliably
  • Kofax operates in 35 countries directly and in 60+ via partners

How Kofax is Different

  • Single vendor, comprehensive capability

    Only single vendor directly providing so wide a range of essential automation capabilities, with single aligned strategy & roadmap
  • Interoperable technology

    Open architecture speeds integration to legacy, 3rd party and ecosystem
  • Out-of-the-box integrations

    Kofax capabilities are designed and built to work together, immediately
  • Marketplace

    Reusable assets available from Kofax and its customers and partners

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1. Employees Opt Out

2. Customers Churn Out

3. Competitors Win Out

Statistics on workers and users switching from companies with poor service or substandard technology


  • New account opening
  • Customer due diligence
  • Loan application


  • Benefit program enrollment
  • Permit or license application
  • Appeal / dispute registration


  • Fleet maintenance
  • Load tracking
  • Driver onboarding


  • New policy application
  • New claim submission
  • Policy coverage extension


  • Replenishment
  • Supplier onboarding
  • Contract Renewal


  • Patient registration
  • Staff certification renewal
  • Physician onboarding
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1. Identify opportunities for intelligent automation

  • Prioritize business needs
  • Identify high-impact IA targets
  • Develop business case
Man going up stairs with 1, 2, 3, phrases written out

2. Demonstrate success

  • Define success criteria
  • Implement project(s)
  • Record success achievement
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3. Scale across enterprise

  • Create Center of Excellence
  • Define governance structure
  • Execute systematic rollout

Automate Repetitive Tasks With a Digital Workforce

  • High degree of manual work involved
  • Unambiguous business rules
  • Many systems used in source of the process
  • High volumes of similar transactions
  • Human error and re-work are common
  • Structured exception handling process exists
  • Sensitive data must be securely handled
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Ingest & Understand any Document and it's Information

Paper Email & Social Electronic Mobile

Orchestrate Multiple Actions, People, Robots, Policies & Systems

Process Orchestration

  • Adds velocity
  • Meets business goals
  • Delivers managed processes
  • Increases agility

Process intelligence provides actionable insights - so people and systems act smarter and faster.

System monitoring makes sure that the robotic workforce and other systems are always up and running - it even corrects issues automatically - e.g by restarting services that have gone down.

Exploded view of workflow: Organization, Process, Systems

Provide Actionable Analytics. Automate System Monitoring

Process Intelligence

Screenshots of data analytics

System Monitoring

Screenshot of system monitoring readouts

As mobile has become the preferred channel of engagement for many customers, partners and employees, Kofax makes those mobile moments highly productive – so you can communicate and transact in efficient, effective and trusted ways.

We can verify identity, using military grade facial recognition technology and machine learning-based automatic understanding and verification of official ID documents.

We can issue multiformat and multichannel communications.

And we can gather and record consent, including through use of e-signatures and biometrics.

Communicate and Transact in Efficient, Effective and Trusted Ways

Verify identity with facial recognition & ID documents

Facial recognition identification process

Communicate message, documents, contracts, statements

Phone, tablet, and paper document communication

Record consent with e-signatures & biometrics

Image characteristics of a person's signature

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Customers Who Are Currently Using Advanced Scanning Solutions From Function4

Cost-Effective And Time Saving Variable Data Management for Port Of Houston Credit Union

All financial institutions are required to supply monthly and quarterly statements to customers who elect to receive them. This regulation can be a burden to some credit unions who do not have appropriate systems in place to provide personalized documents to their members. Without variable data management in place, printing and providing specific member statements can be an issue that is time-consuming and costly.

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