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Intelligent Information Management

Document Management. Redefined.

Find and access the right document and other content instantly

Improve the speed and transparency of your processes

Story: Shah Smith & Associates

Avoid content chaos with enhanced content control and security

M-Files is the only intelligent information management platform that organizes content based on what it is, not where it's stored. You can even connect to existing network folders and systems to make them more intelligent with built-in AI to automatically categorize and protect information.

Stop Wasting Time Searching

Most organizations use 4 or more repositories to store and manage content in complex folder hierarchies. As a result, 46% of office workers say it's challenging and time-consuming to find the documents they need.

M-Files manages content by "what" it is. That way, users never need to remember "where" something was stored. Even if that content is stored in a 3rd party system, like SharePoint, Dropbox, network file shares or other ECM systems!

A simple keyword search is enough to find the right content instantly and without having to browse numerous folders and locations. Just knowing what it is you are working on is all that is needed!

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Increase the Speed of Your Business

65% of businesses experience challenges with reviewing and approving documents. Often, review and approval processes are manual and slow down operations, from accounts payable to HR and customer support.

M-Files equips your business with electronic workflow and e-signing, even from mobile devices, allowing your staff to process tasks faster and without the hassle of having to rely on paper.

Going digital will improve insight as you will always know where and with who something is, get clarity on bottlenecks and benefit from a full audit trail for traceability and compliance purposes.

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Keep It Organized and Secure

On average, a document gets copied 19 times during its lifecycle. That makes it hard to find and maintain the latest version. 68% of office workers confirm this is impacting their work negatively.

In M-Files there is only 1 version of every document and it's always up to date, while M-Files maintains a full history of the changes that were made, with the ability to roll-back at any time.

M-Files also allows your staff to share content with colleagues and business partners in a simple and secure manner without having to rely on 3rd party consumer systems like Dropbox. Additionally, advanced co-authoring eliminates the hassle involved with merging multiple document versions.

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Businesses Everywhere Work Better with M-Files

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Building a Strategic Construction Document Management Process for Shah Smith & Associates

Conceptualizing, designing, and building structures requires extensive plans and documentation. With clients spanning higher education, healthcare, aviation and corporate industries, Shah Smith & Associates (SSA) could not afford to miss a deadline over a lost document.

Yet, despite their best efforts to stay on top of the high volume of Request for Information (RFIs) and contractor submittals coming in daily, SSA’s construction administration team still struggled with manual document processes.

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Contract Management

Use our Information Management Software to manage all your contract. Use M-Files to organize and easily find all your contracts. Create notification workflows to never miss another contract deadline.

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Paperless in The Cloud: A New Way for the Law Firm of Connolly & Shireman

For Connolly & Shireman — a team of attorneys in Houston, Texas, specializing in family, juvenile and appellate law – the management of paper files had reached its tipping point.

The firm’s documents were primarily stored in file cabinets and overflowed into banker boxes as the cases grew over time. Digital documents were stored on a network server, which meant that attorneys could not easily access case files when they were in court or out of the office. The office was also in desperate need of more advanced IT support, and a more robust and efficient copier; and the thriving firm was just a few months away from a move to a new office in the Greenway Plaza district of Houston.

With so many balls in the air, the firm’s Office Administrator, Tona King, seized the opportunity to make a change. With the help of Function4, King turned the search for a new multifunctional copier into a complete overhaul of the Connolly & Shireman document management and business systems.

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IML Capabilities

Use our Information Management Software to get rid of your silos of documents. You can integrate M-Files with many different systems like SharePoint, Network file folders, Box and many others. Search these legacy systems while storing all new information in M-Files.

Teams Integration

Use our Information Management Software to keep all your documents in one place. Use M-Files SharePoint integration to search for M-Files documents right out of M-Files. You can also search for your SharePoint documents inside of M-Files UI without migration.

Outlook Integration

Use our Information Management Software to keep your outlook organized. You can store documents directly from Outlook. You can search M-Files for documents inside of outlook. You can create hot folders to start workflows directly from Outlook in M-Files.

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Skyhawk transforms from a paper-based system to electronic document management with solutions and products backed by Function4

The Challenges Limited by Paper and Manual Processes

As a ichemical broker, being able to findidocuments for regulatory compliance is critical; every ipiece of paper must be accounted for. However, due to both cost and the complex nature of each isales order, streamlining Skyhawk’s paper-based world into a document management system seemed out of reach to their team.

As the company started growing its product line, staying on top of the iidetailed documentation of its chemical orders increasingly became a challenge. For over 30 years, Skyhawk relied on paper filing methods; but computer-generated documents associated with sales orders were growing in numbers and contributing to silos of information throughout the company. Often, employees had to look in multiple places, for great lengths of time, just to get a complete picture of an order.

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Project Management
Gantt Chart

Use our Information Management Software to streamline your projects. M-Files easy to use Gantt chart will help keep your projects on time. Create workflows, milestones, and store your documents all in one place.

Airteam Heating & Cooling Logo Technician Working on Air Conditioning Unit

Cloud-Based Document Storage Solution For Airteam Heating & Cooling

The sheer logistics of AIRTEAM’s business model presented their largest challenge. Because their service technicians spent the vast majority of their time working remotely at client sites, their administrative staff was bogged down with large amounts of information. Hand-delivered documents meant delays of hours, or even days, depending on when the technician could return to the office. Their office staff needed a document management system where they could securely and reliably transmit and receive documents to and from the field without duplication or complex routing paths. In addition, their two office MFDs were outdated and lacked the complementary software to support a new system, if and when they developed one.

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Sharepoint Integration

Use our Information Management Software to keep all your documents in one place. Use M-Files SharePoint integration to search for M-Files documents right out of M-Files. You can also search for your SharePoint documents inside of M-Files UI without migration.

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