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Intelligent Information Management

Automate Your Business Processes with Intelligent Information Management

Automate workflows to eliminate manual work and errors

View all process information in one place, connected

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Audit-proof your business and ensure compliance

Day-to-day business and administrative processes take valuable time, money and resources to complete. It makes sense to streamline your organization’s important business processes and workflows — from simple approval processes to sophisticated, multi-step workflows with multiple stakeholders, assignments and notifications — using the M-Files intelligent information management solution.

Workflow Automation Made Easy

Many businesses still struggle in their digital transformation journey, leaving them occupied with manual work that takes time, creates costs, and is prone to human error. However, the inefficiencies of manual work can easily be tackled by automating all information workflows that support business processes.

M-Files uses automated workflows to streamline business processes — like contract approvals, controlled content, invoicing, and SOPs — allowing you to focus on more productive tasks. The workflow engine in M-Files makes it easy to implement any business process with required steps, actions, and pre- and post-conditions. Participants in the process are notified via email of required actions, making it easy to see the status of documents or other objects, and processes can be advanced to the next step with a single click.

Efficiency is further enhanced using artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically tag metadata to documents and objects in the workflow or to crawl through large amounts of data to recognize patterns, e.g. when identifying PII data withing multiple content repositories to ensure compliance with GDPR.

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Full Visibility into All Process Information

The challenge with traditional workflow applications is that they are unable to communicate with other relevant business applications in use, such as CRM, ERP or content management repositories, resulting in information chaos and siloed systems.

When automating processes with M-Files, you don't add another single-use system but rather a solution that supports all aspects of your information management strategy. Employees and process owners can access and manage all relevant process information in one view, regardless of where the files reside. Metadata ensures that information is displayed in their relevant context, e.g. invoices can be viewed by customer, by month, by workflow state — or by any other attribute defined by you.

Productivity increases further when information can be accessed, and workflow tasks completed, using the M-Files mobile app on mobile devices from anywhere at any time.

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Evidence Compliance with Ease

When digitizing processes, audits and compliance are areas where the gains are huge, not only in terms of time-savings but also for mitigating risks with non-compliance and possible consequences thereafter. M-Files audit-proofs your business by tracking all workflow steps in the version history of each file. Reports are in place to easily monitor processes and determine how to improve and optimize them by identifying where issues or problems are occurring.

Businesses in highly regulated industries can spend significantly less time managing key processes like quality documentation, training, SOPs and CAPAs — processes where errors can be disastrous. For approval processes that must be compliant with regulatory requirements, M-Files automatically furnishes a full audit trail of the approval process and features electronic signature capabilities that comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulatory mandates.

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Businesses Automating their Processes with M-File

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Paperless in The Cloud: A New Way for the Law Firm of Connolly & Shireman

M-Files stood out with its ease of use, strong document management and CRM capabilities, and flexibility in integrating with critical systems.

“With Function4, it wasn’t just like they walked in the door and sold us something. They took the time to understand our needs and requirements and they came up with a solution that really fit our needs, explaining everything,” remarks King. “I knew that kind of responsiveness was going to be paramount to our success with this system down the road.”


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