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Intelligent Information Management

Intelligent Information Management for Oil & Gas Businesses

Increase operational efficiency

Ensure safety and sustainability

Story: Skyhawk Chemicals

Evidence compliance with ease

M-Files dramatically improves and simplifies the way oil and gas companies manage documents and other information which helps these organizations enhance their operational efficiency, establish and maintain a safe and sustainable working culture, and evidence compliance easily.

Offsetting Oil and Gas prices through operational efficiency

We understand that costs need to be low throughout the commodity price cycle and operations need to be efficient. However, operations are often stifled because of one simple truth — people cannot find the information they need when they need it.

M-Files corrects this problem and automates document management so that information works for you and your staff - not the other way around. It makes all information accessible from one system, even if it's stored in multiple, and provides staff a complete, in-context view on documents and information related to a certain project or asset.

You'll see improved information flow, easy transfer of knowledge and best practices, reduced downtime due to faulty equipment or maintenance, and reduced execution time for key business activities and projects in areas like land acquisition, construction, maintenance and compliance audits.

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Working towards a zero-incident safety culture

We know that safety and sustainability are and will always be a priority. However, managing safety requires efficient ways of managing and leveraging information on safety and sustainability procedures.

M-Files can help by offering a central platform to automate and manage safety and sustainability documentation. Not only does this help with monitoring safety practices throughout the entire organization, but it also ensures that everyone in your organization is up-to-speed on the latest procedures.

This results in significant benefits like improved continuity of operations, reduced costs related to incidents and recovery, an improved reputation in the eyes of the public and competitive advantages on other players in the market.

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Evidencing compliance in the complicated space of regulations

We know that not only do you have to establish and maintain a list of legal requirements, but you also must provide SOPs and evidence compliance for each regulation to its lowest possible level. This can be a hassle if SOPs and compliance documentation are scattered across departments in various network drives and filing systems.

M-Files significantly helps with evidencing compliance by centralizing compliance tasks and its related documentation in a single easy-to-use platform, all while offering management features to simplify and expedite tasks like SOP handling, audits, and CAPAs.

This results in benefits, such as reduced time to execute compliance-related activities like audits, reduced risk of fines, penalties, or disrupted operations and an improved organizational reputation.

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Oil and Gas Businesses Working Better with M-Files

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Function4 & Skyhawk Chemicals

Function4 recommended an enterprise transition to electronic document management-implementing a cloud-based version of M-Files, an intelligent information management software solution.

“The automation part of the project greatly reduced all of the unnecessary steps our employees were making, especially when it came to making copies of the same document. It is now so much easier to find what we need, at the moment we need it, especially when it comes to maintaining regulatory compliance,“ says Ellis.

– Travis Ellis, IT Manager for Skyhawk Chemicals

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