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Intelligent Information Management for Professional Services firms: Do more with less

Your clients have new demands. They want custom products and services. They want information on tap 24/7. They want choice. And to win more business, you need to be able to offer all that at a competitive price. That’s challenging when documents are all over the place and processes like client onboarding and case management are manual and lengthy.

M-Files helps you with this by efficiently managing customer and company information, automating business processes and facilitating administrative tasks, freeing up time and resources for you to reallocate to high-value tasks, like improving the customer experience.

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All documents in one place

Having the right information management environment can make the difference between providing your client with an exceptional experience or losing them to a competitor. M-Files can help by eliminating many of the obstacles that prevent you from serving your customer best.

M-Files is the single point of access where all information can be organized, safely stored, and accessed anytime, anywhere and with any device. Content from all your business systems are connected and showed in context in one view. You have one copy of each document and everyone with permissions can access it, never again will you have to wonder if you are working with the most recent version.

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Automate manual processes

Clients have gotten accustomed to lower prices, as low- or even zero-cost products and 24/7 services are becoming the norm. To meet their expectations, you are often asked to do more with less. You have to empower your staff to deliver, but that is a challenge when they spend time and energy figuring out where the engagement stands. Where is that SOW? Who should I forward this to for approval? Did someone already send this to the client?

With M-Files, processes like customer onboarding, case management, project hand-offs, are digital. Documents go through their assigned processes automatically, and people that need to act are notified. You can build and edit processes with a few clicks yourself and keep an eye on how they perform; how many projects get stuck, how many contracts expire next month. Errors and wait times are reduced, and you can reassign resources to scale the business.

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Secure your customer data

You handle volumes of confidential client information, including strategic, sales and marketing, and personal information, and securing this information is critical. Now that people work from everywhere and documents are all over the place, keeping sensitive information secure and asking staff to follow the correct procedures feels like an impossible task.

M-Files protects your reputation through data encryption and access permissions. You are given full control over who can access information at different stages of a process. Access will also automatically change when people leave or move into a new role. And by tracking what happens to documents at all stages, we enable you to prove you are following the right processes. When a customer or a regulator asks for evidence of what happened, you can provide accurate information with just a few clicks.

Keep using the tools you're familiar with

M-Files works well with your everyday tools ensuring high efficiency and zero bottlenecks.

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“The timing was right to make this happen logically with Function4. They were able to develop and implement a plan that truly worked for us, with the least amount of disruption to our everyday operations.“

– Travis Ellis, IT Manager for Skyhawk Chemicals

Business benefits below!

  • Replaced paper-based processes to reduce lost files and increase compliance standards.
  • Moved the management of information into one system to eliminate silos.
  • Secured documents while making them accessible to the right people to improve productivity and collaboration.

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