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Document Management

Why a document management system (DMS)?

Protect documents

Documents retained in unguarded filing cabinets or left out in the open are not secure; and depending on the type of document, your company could be in violation of compliance regulations. With a DMS, secure your files in electronic form for document security.

Find documents quickly

Storing electronic documents in archaic file folders can be chaotic. Where did you save it? What is the file name? That's why our document management solution uses content-based document organization where metadata is given to each document and used for searches.

Introduce version control

Maintain one version of a document with tracked version history to form an auditable trail of changes, that includes user history from the time a document is created to its final version. Instantly retrieve any version to see what was altered or roll back to a previous version.

Share documents

Securely share documents and file folders via direct links without the hassle of large email attachments that clog mailboxes. Shared files remain up-to-date with co-authoring permissions that allow multiple people to view and edit the same document at the same time.

Find any document when you need it - instantly


Classifying and grouping documents with meta tags and meta descriptions is an improved and more efficient way of organizing documents.

Meta filter

With metadata search, just type in any of the metadata - or any word found in the document - to find the files you needs.

Version control

One version of a document is only ever maintained, with tabs that showcase previous versions of the document.

Admin settings

Add permissions to documents based on the type of file or associated metadata to more efficiently control document permissions.

Collaboration tools

Co-author documents with both internal and external users in real-time with the ability to simultaneously modify the same documents.

Cloud technology

An easy-to-learn interface with cloud-based storage for an efficient method to managing your documents.

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