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Workflow Automation

Workflow Process Automation

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Relevant Workflows

Reliable accountability and accelerated processing across your enterprise will lead to greater productivity and efficiency.

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Total Transparency

Management needs to know the metrics associated with each department so that they can make the right strategic calls necessary for your business' future.

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Cost Containment

Contained costs make it easier to predict future budgets for your business and prevent uncontrollable expenses.

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Building a Strategic Construction Document Management Process for Shah Smith & Associates

Conceptualizing, designing, and building structures requires extensive plans and documentation. With clients spanning higher education, healthcare, aviation and corporate industries, Shah Smith & Associates (SSA) could not afford to miss a deadline over a lost document.

Yet, despite their best efforts to stay on top of the high volume of Request for Information (RFIs) and contractor submittals coming in daily, SSA's construction administration team still struggled with manual document processes.

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You should always be improving

Business Process Improvement software and solutions will give you more control over your operations enabling you to monitor, evaluate, and maintain tasks and processes in real time. With rules-based parameters established, you can manage activities and enable alerts to keep your processes on track. Further, with continuous review of your workflow activity, you optimize the flow for maximum efficiency.

Workflow analysis

Our BPI experts have the ability to analyze, design, develop and align business processes with your company's business goals and needs substantially and securely increasing the effectiveness of those processes.

Making the best possible business decisions is imperative in today's economic climate. Function4's business process management services ensure your company is as efficient and effective as possible, ensuring the technologies and practices employed create as streamlined an environment as possible. Whether its strategy and technology implementation or upgrade and optimization, Function4 has your enterprise covered when it comes to BPI.

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GMI Group & Function4: Building an IT Strategy One Step at a Time

As a leading manufacturer of fittings, flanges, and supplementary specialty items for the oil and gas industry, GMI Group understands the importance of reliable parts in moving systems.

However, when the private equity group brought in a new senior management team in 2015, they quickly discovered that parts of their information technology (IT) infrastructure were not as reliable as they previously believed. GMI was utilizing outdated hardware, and their network capabilities did not match their demand. Document collaboration within their organization was also a constant challenge for their team of over 75 employees located across several states.

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Cloud Based Document Storage Solution For Airteam Heating & Cooling

The sheer logistics of AIRTEAM's business model presented their largest challenge. Because their service technicians spent the vast majority of their time working remotely at client sites, their administrative staff was bogged down with large amounts of information. Hand-delivered documents meant delays of hours, or even days, depending on when the technician could return to the office. Their office staff needed a document management system where they could securely and reliably transmit and receive documents to and from the field without duplication or complex routing paths. In addition, their two office MFDs were outdated and lacked the complementary software to support a new system, if and when they developed one.

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Cost Effective And Time Saving Variable Data Management for Port Of Houston Credit Union

All financial institutions are required to supply monthly and quarterly statements to customers who elect to receive them. This regulation can be a burden to some credit unions who do not have appropriate systems in place to provide personalized documents to their members. Without variable data management in place, printing and providing specific member statements can be an issue that is time-consuming and costly.

Port of Houston Credit Union and USI Federal Credit Union previously worked with a supplier who provided data management services and printed and mailed all of the statements to their members; however, after transitioning to a new software provider both credit unions were referred to an outsourced printing company as a way to produce statements for their members. There was a high cost associated with the company's production services in addition to limited printing options. Both credit unions were restricted from selecting specific member's statements to print. Instead, they had to produce each member's statement, even if some members chose to go paperless and bank online.

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