Print, copy, scan, fax and email – all from one device – with a range of notable features designed to handle all of your print needs. Choose between color multifunction, black and white multifunction and compact multifunction devices with a range of features that save time and reduce costs.

Why a multifunction printer (MFP)?


Produce high-quality documents with a heavy-duty all-in-one printer for all of your high-volume, central office print jobs. Large batches of documents are printed with ease at high speeds and exceptional print resolutions.


With an all-in-one printer, go beyond just printing with the ability to duplicate print copies of documents and images. With duplex capabilities, copy and make double-sided documents easily with a single-pass.


Securely import and send digital documents directly from your multi-function printer to various destinations, such as network folders, emails, faxes, PCs and more.


Consolidate all of you print, copy and scanning devices into one multifunction printer. Utilize touchscreen controls to automate and customize tasks for simple workflows, efficient processes and increased productivity.

The power of an “all-in-one” device

B&W and color options

Select between color or black and white multifunction printers for a device that specifically matches your print needs.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Utilize built-in Wi-Fi print or add-on features for a wireless printer that enables mobile printing from computers, smartphones and tablets.

Data protection

Advanced security settings are activated by Function4’s certified technicians so that your device is secure from the first use.

Finishing options

Automate print processes with additional finishing options, such as folding and binding, that allow for efficient print jobs.

Security features

Control the way digital and print documents are handled in your enterprise with user authentication, secure address books and more.

Duplex features

Scan two-sided documents and print documents as double-sided copies with ease with the ability to duplex.

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