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Function4 Provides Customers With a Technology Plan for Continued Operations

OneScreen GoSafe


Go safely back into public spaces.

OneScreen GoSafe, a Qualcomm-based device.

Scan for temperature, mask presence

and facial recognition.

Why Hardware Support Organizations are Properly Prepared to Provide IT Services

When many technology companies are broadening their scope of services, one of the most common is hardware organizations providing IT Support Services. At first thought, this may not seem like an easy transition. The technical requirements may appear to be very different. Let us take a look at the reasons why this transition seems to make so much sense.tings.

Why Managed IT Services?

A proactive approach to technology and infrastructure management that delivers consistent systems maintenance, minimizes downtime, and boosts productivity.

Benefits of Serverless Printer Management

In today’s environment of remote workforces and shuffling of staff to different locations throughout the office, supporting employee’s technology needs can be very challenging.  One of the biggest ongoing challenges for the IT department is the print hardware and managing print drivers. 

The Less-Touch Office: Working in the Era of COVID-19

For a time, touchscreen displays were the height of innovation.  And that technology is still great. But there is also the potential for germs. Germs are nothing new and are far older than buttons or touchscreens – the COVID-19 pandemic brought about an entirely new awareness of all the ways in which touching shared surfaces could be riskier than we realized.

IT Services

Ensure your network and systems are online, secure and operating efficiently at all times.

Voice Services

Elevate productivity, collaboration and mobility to the next level with the latest evolution of cloud-based phone systems.

multifunction & printers

Create fleet standardization, print volume management and document flow optimization.

Software services

Have you started to notice patterns and processes around your office that just aren’t working out?

Office products

Groundbreaking ideas for the workplace of the future demand equally innovative technology.

Single Source for Imaging and Information Technology

At Function4, we focus on service offerings that can grow along with technology and our industry to ensure we always meet the needs of our customers.

We do that by providing the most intuitive and comprehensive combination of strategy, equipment and maintenance available on today’s market.

Combine that with cutting edge software, managed IT services, and leading industry expertise, and you’ll see why and how we deliver efficiency evolved.

What Mobile Management Looks Like

Do you remember reading textbooks in school and not being able to imagine any of those things happening in real life? The same is true when it comes to business solutions like mobile management. If you can't visualize the processes and their benefits, you won't be...

3 Reasons Managed IT is Right For You

Managed IT services provides countless benefits that help improve efficiency, budget-friendliness, and morale across any company--but what can it do for your company? Here's a quick look at just a few reasons why managed IT is right for you. A Crash-Course in Managed...

3 Processes Streamlined by Document Management

Document management can help your company in countless ways. It saves time, money, and stress, all by streamlining and strengthening the ways you deal with paper--but that's a pretty general statement, isn't it? Today we'll look at three specific processes that...

Managed IT Services: Keeping Up With You

It might feel like your company has a lot to keep up with--technology, customers, the business world at large--but when it comes to managed IT services, there's only one thing to focus on: you. This innovative solution was designed to move at your pace and based on...

Mobile Device Management: Enabling Mobile Printing

When it comes to managing your mobile devices, you've got a lot to focus on--but one thing you definitely won't want to overlook is mobile printing. This solution is innovative, flexible, and efficient, and it makes a great addition to any mobile fleet. Want proof?...

The IT Security Threat Right Under Your Nose

With security breaches continuously on the rise, SMBs have been unable to escape the fallout. In fact, more than 60% of small businesses were the victim of some form of cybercrime in 2017. Since you would rather be in the 40% of companies who didn't fall victim, read...

Secure Your Data with Document Management

If you're worried about data security (and who isn't these days?), a document management system can give you the peace of mind you're seeking. Document management also increases efficiency, saves time, and reduces operating costs. When added to the built-in data...

Managed IT Services or an In-House Solution?

As a business leader, you're tasked with keeping your company moving forward without going over budget. Today's digital economy makes it more critical than ever to keep pace with technology. If you're struggling to keep up, increasing your IT investment may be...

Protect Your Data with a Mobile Device Management Solution

A recent international survey by Check Point Software Technologies made it clear that businesses must step up their game when it comes to mobile device management. Their unsettling research of 850 firms revealed: No business was left untouched—each one had experienced...

Accomplish More with a Document Management System

It's impossible to fit more hours into a day. However, by working smarter we can almost always fit more tasks into the day's available hours. One of the most effective ways to get more from your day is through technology. Work Smarter By leveraging the...
Our clients


As a first time CFO of a mid size Oil and Gas Manufacturer, developing a Managed IT solution was integral to the success of our organization. Function 4 was the perfect partner to help us achieve that end.

From ownership to sales associates, their team is focused on top notch customer service and quality solution delivery. Response times are always expedient.

We had an issue with printer toner at one point where the sale associate drove across town to ensure we had no down time. As we live in Houston, that drive is comparable to driving across some states in the Northeast.

If you are searching for a great IT solution provider, look no future. You have found what can essentially serve as your virtual CIO.

Derek Atwood

CFO, Gulf Manufacturing

The entire team at Function4 has been great! Over the many years I have worked with them it has always been very apparent that the customer first focus starts at the top. In every one of my dealings with them they have always looked for ways to benefit our firm both from a manpower efficiency standpoint as well as helping increase our profitability. Function4 is one of the few companies out there that is willing to put the best needs of their customer first, regardless of the impact to them. Integrity like that is hard to find today so if you in the market for it, I suggest you look them up!

Chris Thompson

COO, Doeren Mayhew

We LOVE this machine.  We never heard from the other vendor, even when we had a problem it took days for a response.  I especially love the service we get.  Your repairs guys, sorry I forgot their names because I have not needed service recently, are always so friendly and always answer questions when they come here.  They even let us practice using different functions on the machine, so we know what we are doing, and they never rush us.  There’s been a couple of times when I ran out of supplies and when I call or email asking for help, I always get what I need right away.

Paula Savo

Church Receptionist, St. Laurence Church

Elite Dealer 2020
Elite Dealer 2019
Function4 BBB Business Review
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