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About Us

Your Single Source for Imaging and Information Technology

At Function4, we focus on service offerings that can grow along with technology and our industry to ensure we always meet the needs of our customers.

We do that by providing the most intuitive and comprehensive combination of strategy, equipment and maintenance available in today’s market. Before we enter into a customer contract, we analyze your entire document system setup, test for efficiency gaps, and formulate a strategy for improvement. We offer high-quality products from trusted vendors like Konica Minolta, Sharp, Kyocera, and HP so you’ll never question your machine’s reliability. Combine that with cutting edge software, managed IT services, and leading industry expertise and you’ll see why and how we deliver efficiency evolved.

We’re proud to be your single source for imaging and information technology, helping you continuously improve document workflows, enhance operational processes, and manage IT infrastructure. In addition to top-notch equipment and technology, we also provide leading office furniture lines and wholesale office supplies to keep your business in great shape from every angle. Whether you need one desktop inkjet, an office full of production systems, new servers, or a fully outfitted conference room, our goal of providing impeccable service and expertise always remains steadfast.


To provide innovative technologies and advanced strategies to improve our clients’ business processes.


Become the premier provider of office technologies and services in our markets by recognizing the trust our customers, team members, partners and community place in our company and to hold that trust above all other things.

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Positively Impact the lives of clients, staff & communities.


Providing peace of mind for clients’ technology decisions.

Core Values

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  • Always follow through
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Never blame others
  • Strive to do your best
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  • Always be truthful
  • Never mislead a customer or internal team member
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Embrace the idea of transparency
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  • Do the right thing
  • Never over promise
  • Embrace the idea of selflessness
  • Have a sense of duty to improve things around you
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Embrace Change

  • We must learn from the past
  • I cannot control everything
  • Do not allow the past to restrict the future
  • Adapt to the ever changing market
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  • Everyone embraces each other’s challenges
  • No one can succeed on their own
  • Openly communicate when appropriate

Function4 Selected as a 2020 ENX Magazine Elite Dealer

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Each year, ENX Magazine judges Elite Dealer applicants on a number of criteria, from technical service excellence to marketing proficiency, growth initiatives, technology leadership, industry accolades, and philanthropy. Those dealers chosen are profiled in the December issue of ENX Magazine. Function4 was chosen as a 2020 Elite Dealer, picked from among the nation’s topmost office technology dealerships for that year.

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