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Do You Need a Mobile Device Management Solution?

January 21st, 2019 by Function4

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The 21st century has already seen some astonishing advances in the technology sector, with new opportunities coming so fast that many businesses struggle to stay on top of changes.

Mobile device management is one technology solution your organization can't afford to ignore. BYOD and remote employees are among the fastest growing sectors in the workplace.

Why You Should Start Looking for an MDM Solution

  1. Your Employees Use Mobile Devices for Work

    Yes, they do. Employees consider mobile devices convenient tools to help them accomplish tasks faster, and even with no formal policy in place, your employees are likely using their smartphones and tablets for at least some of their work.

    Mobile devices have blurred the lines between office time and home time, with employees using their smartphones and tablets to check email, collaborate on critical projects, and access document management systems. By implementing a mobile device management solution, your company can leverage your employees' willingness to improve the way they accomplish daily tasks without putting your information at risk.

  2. Protecting Your Business

    Mobile device usage and work-from-home trends are here to stay, and your company needs a way to address both. A mobile device management solution from a trusted technology provider like Function4 can help you manage the way your employee's access information.

    • Improve access — The whole point of mobile device usage is improving access to information and opening up new lines of communication. A mobile device management strategy allows your employees to securely access data wherever they happen to be working.
    • Enhance security — When employees access sensitive company data outside of the office, you have every reason to be concerned. A mobile device management solution gives employers more control and visibility into how and when employees access information, and robust security solutions keep bad actors away.

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