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Get These Four Benefits with Document Management

December 10th, 2018 by Function4

Document Management

A great document management solution can speed up your existing business processes, with time savings as high as 40% to 75% depending on your current processes. Since time is still money, you can count on some significant improvements to your bottom line as well. By eliminating bottlenecks, wasted print resources, and process redundancies, your organization can expect to see vastly lower costs.

  1. The Basics of Document Management

    Document management delivers some surprising benefits, not the least of which include improved productivity, lower operating costs, new process efficiencies, and lower security risks. Here's how document management can deliver each of these benefits and more to your organization.

  2. Improved Productivity

    Organizations still say that searching for information is their most significant source of wasted time. Document management works by scanning information using a multifunction system. The document management software then uses OCR technology to interpret the data. Intelligent indexing capabilities route documents to their correct location. To access and collaborate on information, users enter keywords, making the document available in seconds.

  3. New Efficiencies

    Document management helps organizations automate day-to-day processes. When using manual processes, it's easy to lose track of documents and even easier for workflows to become bogged down with bottlenecks and missed procedures. The right document management system integrates with your existing processes, using automation and robust document retrieval processes to keep systems moving accurately and more quickly across your organization.

  4. Lower Security Risks

    Paper documents are next to impossible to secure, and information stored on hard drives isn't safe, either. Document management provides data backup solutions and security measures to not only keep unauthorized users out, but to provide a business continuity solution in case the worst happens.

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