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Mobile Device Management Addresses Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

April 15th, 2019 by Function4

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Mobile device usage in the workforce is now commonplace, with an increasing number of workers turning to personally or company-owned mobile devices to perform daily tasks. The benefits for employers are well established, including those in the healthcare industry.

  • Employees can accomplish more tasks while working in the field or at satellite locations.
  • Healthcare workers can provide better care during home visits, with secure mobile access to healthcare information and patient records.
  • Access to document management systems via mobile devices gives employees the ability to perform many of the same functions they do while in the office.

New Challenges

Along with the benefits, healthcare facilities can run up against significant difficulties when managing mobile device usage. Already overloaded IT departments are often the go-to support desk for employees using mobile phones and tablets. Calls for help installing or using apps, resetting passwords, or accessing patient records can put new strains on internal IT teams. Healthcare privacy laws cause other concerns, with mobile device usage in the field and on-site introducing complex new compliance challenges.

The Mobile Device Management Solution

When healthcare facilities lack the resources to deal with a mobile workforce, the solution is to outsource to a mobile device management provider. The advantages provide a welcome solution to a complex issue.

  • Streamlined implementation of mobile device infrastructure for both personally owned and company-owned equipment.
  • Security and safety protocols to protect patient records and separate them from personal data stored on employee-owned devices.
  • Give employees streamlined and secure access to data for improved job performance and patient care.
  • Provide end-of-service solutions to avoid potential security issues when employees upgrade their mobile devices.
  • Give healthcare employees access to secure mobile printing.

Does your healthcare facility need help with mobile device usage? Get in touch with us at Function4 to learn more about our mobile device management solutions today!

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