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Are you a graphic designer who spends more time shopping print options than designing graphics? Learn how Function4 can help save time, cut costs, and replicate exactly what you design.

BRAND CONTROL - Tons of time goes into the creation of materials by your graphic design team. Why turn it over to a print shop that may not have the same brand vision. Take control from start to finish with in house printing to ensure your brand is represented the way you see it.

SMALL FOOTPRINT, BIG RESULTS - Function4 Digital Presses are scalable in size meaning a number of finishing components can be added inline to produce various finished pieces. However, if it is simply quality prints that you desire, the press can measure less than four feet in length. This configuration provides the same consistency and graphics as a larger press, in a more practical, space saving configuration.

TIME & MONEY SAVINGS - As costs continue to rise due to raw materials and logistical concerns, outsourced printing has not been spared. While complex printed pieces require a full scale print shop, the majority of designs can be produced on a digital press, in house. Time and money can be saved by printing the designs your team has already created - printing is the easy part.

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