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F4 National Account Program

Function4 either administers or supports no less than 50 National Account Programs.

Function4 has long been known for being a premium provider of service and support in the print and imaging industry.  Function4 was formed from a Houston organization partnership with over 30 years in the market and one from Southeast Texas with more than four decades.  Function4 either administers or supports no less than 50 National Account Programs.  These responsibilities include but are not limited to service and support programs that both get shipped into the Houston market or coordinate delivering and administering the contractual and billing procedures.  We can provide an array of services that can accommodate a variety of wishes of an organization: 

  • Coordinated shipping and delivery of equipment and services across the US and North America 
  • Ability to configure and support initial installation expanding to additional applications to enhance imaging equipment from a remote location that create and support advanced scan and routing of information that will improve business processes 
  • Choosing of Premium service providers and support for any geographic location 
  • Consolidated billing and reporting of contractual agreements and usage 
  • Unified platform for service metrics and ticketing that provide better business intelligence to your organizations document processes 
  • Digital Support Services with helpdesk that has capabilities to assist any location remotely 

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