Paper: The Hidden Security Risk.
Be careful with paper
Information leakage in the trashcan:
What type of firewall does your waste paper bin have?


of all important data is still written on paper. And these papers are often simply

 thrown into the trashcan. Data protection? No idea!

The following documents must be shredded
when they are no longer needed:

  • Quotations and contractual documentation
  • Bank statements and records
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Personalized advertising documents
  • Tax and accounting documents
  • Signed documents
  • Notes, print-outs, poor copies

Integrate paper shredders into your
data protection concept.

Information leakage: Shredding services.

What happens if data protection is left behind?

Do you have to regularly process large amounts of paper documents? It sounds enticing to have someone else handle both the work and the responsibility. However, this does not bring 100% security.

The risks:

  • You do not see the result.
  • Your documents are often temporarily stored before they are shredded.
  • Shredding services cannot release you from liability in cases of misuse.

Better do the shredding in-house.

No large collecting points, no long transportation routes, no hard-to-monitor intermediate stops: By shredding your confidential documents in-house, these risks are eliminated.
High quality and high capacity shredders work for many years – the investment pays off quickly.

Information leakage: Hard drives.

Destroy old digital data, not your good reputation.

Discarded hard drives are an open book for tech-savvy “finders” even if they have been
overwritten. Once they have been disposed of, you can no longer verify where your old hard
drives actually end up… and what happens to them.


Hard drives are not only located in
PC’s and laptops, but also in printers,
MFP’s, copiers and servers.


Make your old hard drives unusable.

Regardless if you have to replace an old or defective hard drive, or if you have to return leased equipment: with a hard drive shredder, punch or desgausser, you will destroy your discarded electronic data safely, comfortably and reliably. 

There are countless ways to improperly do away with obsolete paper documents, and the end result can be catastrophic.

The best way to confidently dispose sensitive information is with a DESTROYIT paper shredder. They are constructed to withstand the rigors of day-to-day office life. Companies, governments and organizations from around the world trust in that.

The cutting shafts

Manufacturing high quality shredders with lifetime cycles have always been a declared aim of DESTROYIT. Our world-class cutting shafts are made from a special hardened steel, and have  inspired us with so much confidence that we introduced the Lifetime Guarantee.*

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