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Airteam Heating & Cooling

Airteam Heating & Cooling Case Study


Airteam Heating & Cooling




Houston, TX

The Customer

The Customer AIRTEAM Heating & Cooling provides residential and commercial air conditioning and heating installation and service throughout the greater Houston area. They also provide attic insulation services and “pre-season tune-ups” before major seasonal weather changes.


The company streamlined its overall document management process by transitioning to electronic document management, which consisted of a cloud-based version of M-Files, new multifunctional printers (MFPs), and Nuance AutoStore.

The Challenge

The sheer logistics of AIRTEAM’s business model presented their largest challenge. Because their service technicians spent the vast majority of their time working remotely at client sites, their administrative staff was bogged down with large amounts of information. Hand-delivered documents meant delays of hours, or even days, depending on when the technician could return to the office. Their office staff needed a document management system where they could securely and reliably transmit and receive documents to and from the field without duplication or complex routing paths. In addition, their two office MFDs were outdated and lacked the complementary software to support a new system, if and when they developed one.

The Function4 Solution

Before addressing the document processes in place at AIRTEAM, Function4 first installed updated MFDs with software capabilities nd updated scanning methods to streamline internal document management. Next, Function4 turned to addressing the document management challenges. M-Files® Enterprise Information Management (EIM) system was installed to give access to every desktop and mobile device owned by AIRTEAM. By creating a new M-Files database, Function4 provided AIRTEAM a new method for retrieving documents quickly and easily. Field technicians were given the ability to transmit documents such as invoices by taking a photo of receipts on their cell phones and transmitting them to the database through Autostore, an M-Files mobile app. To address duplicate copies and version control issues, M-Files settings were implemented to allow internal staff to see a list of any editors who touched a particular document, what and when content was changed, and options to revert back to earlier versions if needed.

At the end of the project, a daily backup and disaster recovery strategy was put in place to ensure that everything was backed-up off-site in a cloud-version of M-Files. “I especially like the redundancy of our documents being backed up in the Cloud; plus, it’s one less thing I have to worry about in-house,” says Ellis.

The Results

“Everyone over here loves the software and that just does not happen with new software. Employees are always trying to beat each other logging in.” Dawn Curtis, Vice President