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Digital Interactions Are Becoming Increasingly Popular, Transforming Industries Forever - And That Includes Auto Sales.

July 12th, 2022 by Function4

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A fully integrated cloud communications platform is instrumental in improving customer experience, outreach, and engagement well beyond the dealership. With the right communications platform, you can effortlessly transform your customer's car buying experience from initial inquiry to after-sales service.

Let's look at how a digital-first communications model vastly improves all aspects of your business processes.


Unified communications to increase sales efficiency.

The goal of any successful sales department is to have your representatives be as effective as possible – whether they be in the office, roaming the lot, or scanning the showroom. An effective sales team knows how to communicate with prospects from various devices and respond across different channels—stepping away from the desk? No problem. Does the customer want to move to a video call? Easy to do.

Elevate is an integrated communications platform that helps you personalize the buying experience and allows your sales team to engage with prospective buyers easily. Moving seamlessly between text messaging, phone calls, and video chats has never been easier. Elevate allows you to answer calls, transfer them to your cell phone, and then finish the meeting with ease and a virtual walk-through of the inventory. Need to follow up with more-specific vehicle or model information? Upload a detailed video to provide the customer with a real understanding of purchasing the product. Your customers can choose their preferred communication methods with a sales team that's ready, willing, and able to answer questions from any channel on any device.


Quickly and efficiently schedule service appointments.

Customers are constantly searching for an easier way to get things done, including scheduling service appointments. Lengthy hold times, along with misrouted or dropped calls, are a detriment to anyone's day. Contact center helps make scheduling a breeze. Customize call flows and use automatic attended or live transfers to route calls to the right reps for efficient interactions and scheduling. Eliminate busy signals with smart queuing and play in-queue music and messages promoting seasonal service specials or upcoming events.

Elevate also allows you to send proactive and timely reminders to your customers with Dynamic notifications – and, if needed, repeats these reminders effortlessly. In addition, use call data – such as volumes and hold times – to gain better insights into call trends so you can plan staffing and improve service levels throughout the dealership and within the service department.

The result? Quick and easy scheduling and effective service reminders can increase customer satisfaction and generate customer loyalty.

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