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Five Tips to Help Embrace New Technology in the Office

November 19th, 2020 by Desiree Hutchinson

We all know that change is hard, but we are all forced to accept change during this time. Every employee from Executive levels to Sales representatives must adapt to change with how we continue with our everyday jobs. Technology has helped businesses to adapt to these challenges we are all facing and has helped people advance to work remotely. Do you remember when there were no cell phones or computers? How did we survive?!

Everyone eventually had to adapt to change to help manage their daily tasks in a more timely and convenient matter. If we are willing to change and invest for our gain, why not for our professional growth? Why would you resist to make your job easier and your company more secure? It is not always easy to convince your employees to jump in with the latest technologies solutions to help save you time and make your life much more comfortable. Even if the change is positive, it is not always welcome.

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Here are five tips to help embrace new technology in your Office…

  1. Give employees time

    Before you move on to an idea, give employees time to understand why we are changing our processes. Explain the benefits you and the employees will be gaining from the change. Make them feel apart of this change and be open to hearing their concerns and questions.

  2. Small group training

    Small group training will help to embrace the change and be more informed about the product. Small groups are more intimate and can help employees feel more comfortable asking questions and being more accepting of the idea of change.

  3. Slow intro

    Plan your introduction to a new product in phases to be less overwhelming. Plan out by departments and set time frames for executing the implementation. Planning this way will help introduce the new technology solution to the departments and see the departments' progression.

  4. Be Supportive

    One of the main reasons employees are hesitant about new technology is training. Have multiple training sessions for people who may need more than one training session, which will also help employees with a busy calendar plan and schedule a time for the training sessions. Everyone learns differently, so having that support will allow them to embrace the change.

  5. Building a partnership

    Having the right vendor that you trust will help customize a solution that will meet your business's initiatives and goals. Gaining that partnership will help ease your mind and concerns and make it much easier to plan the implementation, educate and train your team on the new product. Feeling supported and understanding the process is one of the most important things to help build a successful partnership.

There may always be resistance to change, especially with new technology­, but employees will be more willing to adapt with the right preparation and relationship building. If done correctly, there could be tremendous benefits for the individuals and the organization.

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